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Singles That Mingle 20240403

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


The Reds, Pinks & Purples – What’s Going On With Everyday People

Unwishing Well Out April 12 Via Tough Love

Smooth sailing, for everyday people.


VR Sex – In Great Detail

Hard Copy Out Now Via Dais

There are at least three genres here we never thought would mash-up so well.


Chastity Belt – Laugh

Live Laugh Love Out Now Via Suicide Squeeze Records

Don’t let the horrible album title sway you; the tunes are pretty wavy.


Crumb – Amma

Amma Out May 17 Via Crumb Records

Weird and wonderful.


Slate – Remoter Heaven

Deathless Out May 17 Via Brace Yourself Records

Smoothy Groovy, moody tooty.


Kneecap – Fine Art

Fine Art Out June 15 Via Heavenly Recordings

It’s too bad these lot have blown up and are absolutely killing it because so many insufferables will be at their next string of live shows.


Ed Harcourt – El Magnifico

Great title, great track, great title track.


Sinkane – Come Together

We Belong Out Friday Via City Slang

Discoey and gooey, check-er-oooot.


Curses – Elegant Death

Another winner from the IDIB crew.


Max Blansjaar – Anna Madonna

Jangly and fun, something to shake that money maker to.


Magana – Break Free

Sure footed, lighthearted, tune.


Frog – RIP to the Empire Flea Market

Hop to it and get a listen-on.





Singles That Mingle 20240402

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Caleb Landry Jones – Hey Dawn

Hey Gary, Hey Dawn Out Friday Via Sacred Bones

Sounds like Nirvana psyche, psyche me up!


Baby Rose – One Last Dance

Slow Burn Out Now Via Secretly Canadian

This was a winner straight out the gate.


Annie-Claude Deschênes – Phones

Les Manieres De Table Out Friday Via Italians Do It Better

Don’t face time us, we’ll face time you. Just go listen to this damn weirdness.


PEM – Awe

Pulls you under like a slow-motion rip-tide. Touring now!


Jess Ribeiro – Jump The Gun

Summer of Love Out April 12 Via Labelman

Always better to jump a gun than a shark we always say.


Hermanos Gutiérrez – Low Sun

Sonido Cosmico Out June 14 Via Easy Eye Sound

Easy on the eyes, and ears.


Nuha Ruby Ra – Fetish 2 Forget

Single Out Now Via Brace Yourself Records

When you eyes lock across a busy room, this’ll be what’s playing in the background.


Metz – Light Your Way Home

Up On Gravity Hill Out April 12 Via Sub Pop

The boys step out of their comfort zone and wear it well.


Desire – Darkside

The Desire for the Darkside is strong with this one.


Sam Akpro – Disposition

Out Now Via Anti-

A bit poppy but can’t fault it really.{/youtube}



Singles That Mingle 20240401


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Maquina – Body Control

Prata Out Friday Via Fuzz Club

A predictable low thumping long-play tune.


Corridor – Agent

Mimi Out April 26 Via Sub Pop

A smooth and flirty tune.




Friko – Crashing Through

Where We’ve Been, Where Do We Go From Here Out Now Via ATO

The vocals leave something to be desired but the track really does crash through.




John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies - My Name is Death

Lost Themes IV: Noir Out May 3 Via Sacred Bones

What in the sweet holy fuck!? Absolutely brilliant.




Kierst – Southern Star

Thud EP Out Now Via Sad Club Records

Just hit our radar. This target will remain locked in our sights.




Honesty – Cease

Box Out Now Via Partisan Records

Extremely slow burn but we feel worth the wait.




Justice – Incognito

Hyperdrama Out April 26 Via Ed Banger Records

You demand Justice, you get Justice.




Lloyd Wayne – How True

Bird Beyond Ep Out Now





Dea Matrona – Black Rain

For Your Sins Out May 3

Who can forget the Irish busking duo (formerly trio) turn rockstars?




Cola – Bitter Melon

EP Out Now Via Fire Talk

Sounds good man, and lyrics to sing along with.


Singles That Mingle 20240304


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Blinders – While I’m Still Young

Beholder Out now Via Funhouse Recordings/EMI

A well-rounded track with great pace.


Girl and Girl – Hello

Call a Doctor Out May 24 Via Sub Pop

Distinct vocals, playful melody and an infectious energy.


Lair – Setan Dolbon

Ngélar Out Now Via Guruguru Brain

Please ensure you wash your hands for 30 seconds after watching this music video.


Lip Critic – Milky Max

Hex Dealer Out May 17 Via Partisan Records

Sorta reminds of early Atari Teenage Riot? Either way, great energy and if you’re into pig sounds you’ve lucked out my friend.


Richard Hawley – Two For His Heels

In This City They Call You Love Out May 31 Via BMG

The low rumble of this tune eludes to something ominous lurking below the surface.


Jess Cornelius – People Move On

Care/Taking Out June 15 Via Empire Records

A catchy tune with great visuals.


Beans – Dreaming Daisy

Boots n Cats Out March 15 Via Fuzz Club

A mellow groove with great flow, check it out.


Magana – Paul

Teeth Out April 25 Via Audio Antihero

Stripped back witchy tune with symphonic backing.


Bedbug – Postcard

Calling all Built to Spill fans.


Chastity Belt – Chemtrails

Live Laugh Love Out March 29 Via Suicide Squeeze Records

Don’t let the vomit inducing album title throw you off, track’s legit.


Cigarettes After Sex – Tejano Blue

X’s Out July 12 Via Partisan Records

Another solidly consistent track from the CAS boys, new album is shaping up to be a killer if this track’s anything to go by.


Body Meat – Focus

If asymmetrical bangs were music, this’d be as close as you could get. An acquired taste to be sure, but listenable as far as we’re concerned.


C Turtle – Melvin Said This

Expensive Thrills Out Friday Via Blitzcat Records

An abrupt and halting tune that stopped us long enough to grab our attention.




The Runner (Film Review) at the Rio

When the darlings of dark wave, Boy Harsher, released their highly anticipated new cult banger ‘Tower’ around Halloween last year, we were given a rich cut, pulsing with deep and rebounding synthesized pangs from the start.  It pushed through our monitors like the flesh gun through the TV in Videodrome.  Seemingly, an unattainable high bar had been set. Then, two months later, ‘Give Me A Reason’ followed and soon no bar could be set high enough.  As The Runner OST trickled out, bits and pieces of Carpenter, Cronenburg and Lynch’s influences were omnipresent.  What then would become of the marriage between soundtrack and the ‘reckless...out of control...pure evil’ scenes splattered throughout The Runner? 

The film follows Kris Esfandiari (a tranced-out blood witch) as she flees a motel, leaving behind a mess that could double as an abattoir.  The destruction in her wake ruins the lives of everyone she crosses paths with in the backwoods of smalltown USA.  Twice she reaches out by telephone on her journey to The Desperate Man, but his pleas for her to return home ultimately go unanswered.  Literally, she doesn’t speak for her entire performance.  Through television screens (portals?) in the scenes, we’re connected to accompanying, and seemingly unrelated, content in the form of music videos.  Those, in turn, jarringly transition into Jae and Gus’ garage studio, where we get a candid peak behind the curtain to see how the sausage is made.  Between these brief life out-takes, the new music and the end credits where their actors revert back to their playful collaborative friends, are actually the only engaging content worth watching. 

In terms of a directorial debut, Jae and Gus’ The Runner is much in the same vein as Dali’s Un Chien Andalou.  It’s graphic and immaterial showcases ability but lacks enough compelling content to do much more.  Through a discombobulated 40 minutes, the film relies heavily on its strengths: locations, lighting, props, and set design.  Unfortunately, these strengths end up holding a mirror to the film's weaknesses, highlighting a stark contrast between stripped back, one dimensional characters uncertain of their place within the scene, outside of James Duval who nails his role as the host.  Transitional scenes, edited to look like VHS, loosely pull the viewer into a distorted and confusing semi-cohesive narrative, tethering us to the story via nostalgic anchor points rather than actual horror.  We’re given the store-brand when we’ve paid for the name-brand. 

The Runner tracks like the manifest content of a dream, plausible to the dreamer but a half-baked idea to the rest of us.  Themes of escape, fantasy, loss, discarded people are woven alongside semi-autobiographical tones throughout.  Ultimately, these divide the viewers' attention like someone toggling a light switch on-and-off again.  The Runner doesn't conform to a traditional storytelling structure but instead dips from nonsensical to semi-lucid, arriving then to a perceived reality repeating as directed.  Even classic horror tools, like a character disappearing off screen after meeting our protagonist, insinuating unspeakable violence, ultimately leave cerebral elements to atrophy.  In short, the film flirts but doesn’t commit to any one thing long enough to do it well enough.  A non-horror horror, lacking identity and the stamina to push through to an audience outside Boy Harsher fans, and even then, only just. 

If you, as die-hard Boy Harsher fans, decide to follow your heart into this film, the aforementioned noteworthy moments won’t let you down.  The new tunes seriously slap and the playful chemistry between Jae and Gus behind the scenes talking about their music and characters are genuine moments.  If you’re going in wanting to see a horror, or even a film, you will be let down, six feet underground.  Where The Runner unwittingly succeeds is teaching us that ultimately the heart can be a double agent. 

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