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Singles That Mingle 202406708 Featured

  • Written by  Captain Stavros


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Ben Brown – Blue

Counter to the song title a really upbeat ditty.


Blood Wizard – Babytooth

Out Now Via Sad Club Records

So-long, babyteeth.


Lunar Vacation - Set The Stage

Everything Matters, Everything's Fire Out September 13 Via Keeled Scales

Sonic vibrance greets you and passes through you on this fuzzy wuzzy gem.


Tindersticks – Nancy

Soft Tissue Out September 13 Via City Slang

The morose horn and clinical beat combo has got our attention.


White Hills - Killing Crimson

Beyond This Fiction Out August 23 Via Heads On Fire

Making the cut on weirdness alone.


Pom Pom Squad – Downhill

Out Now Via City Slang

Fun to say, fun to listen to.


Desire – Dangerous Drug

Games People Play Out October 2 Via Italians Do It Better

The opening sounds like the visual soundtrack to a lab that makes super sexy beats.


Previous Industries – Showbiz

Service Merchandise Out Now Via Merge Records

Didn’t even wait for the sample to finish before writing this out, it’s a winner.


Julia-Sophie – Telephone

Forgive Too Slow Out July 26 Via Ba Da Bing

Giving us Drive II vibes.


My Best Unbeaten Brother – Blues Fatigue

Out Now Via Kudos Records

Sometimes you gotta buck the fuck up.

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