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Singles That Mingle 20231215

  • Written by  Captain Stavros

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Fauns – Mixtape Days

How Lost Out January 19 Via Invada

I was lost, but now I’ve done found this sweet silky ditty.




Ed Harcourt – Strange Beauty

El Magnifico Out March 29 Via Wolf Cabin Studios

A playful tune with great vocals.


Dog Unit – Concrete Barges On The Banks of the Thames

Great tune to space out to after a spliff.


Jozef Van Wissem - The Devil is a Fair Angel and the Serpent a Subtle Beast

The Night Dwells in the Day Out January 19 Via Incunabulum Records

Does this sound like a folk rendition of Halloween’s main theme or is it just us?


Beans – Haunted

Boot N Cats Out March 1 Via Fuzz Club

How you like dem Beans? Just fine and dandy, thanks, got room for more!


Black Grape – Milk

Orange Head Out January 19 Via DGAFF Recordings

It’s weird, it’s got our attention.


Katy Kirby – Party of the Century

Blue Raspberry Out January 26 Via Anti

It’s a super approachable tune, infectious.

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