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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Corridor – Mourir Demain

Mimi Out April 26 Via Sub Pop

Only the French could get away with such dark lyrics swaddled in warm and unassuming fuzzy grunge.


Dog Unit – When Do We Start Fighting?

At Home Out April 5 Via Brace Yourself Records

I guess the fisticuffs on this instrumental brilliance kicks off on the 5th of April with re-match tourd ates throughout the same month.


Chiedu Oraka – Rhythm of my Pain

Mixtape Misfit Out April 26 Via EMI North

Beats are on point, lyrically it’s getting there, one to keep an eye on


The Red, Pinks and Purples – Your Worst Song is Your Greatest Hit

Unwishing Well Out April 12 Via Tough Love Records

Jarvis Cocker fans will not be disappointed in this one as he’s channeled pretty thoroughly in this track.


Bnny – Good Stuf

One Million Love Song Out April 5 Via Fire Talk Records

Hooked us.


Chastity Belt – I-90 Bridge

Live, Laugh, Love Out March 29 Via Suicide Squeeze Records

Instantly transported to warm and sunnier times from this dismal grey winter.


Grandaddy – Long as I’m Not The Only One

Blu Wav Out February 16 Via Dangerbird Records

If you’ve ever enjoyed Grandaddy the chances are likely all the elements that made you fall for them in the first place are in this track.


gglum – Do You See Me Different (Feat Kamal) and Glue

The Garden Dream Out March 29 Via Secretly Canadian

Normally not into Folkcore but a smooth listen.


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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Fauns – Mixtape Days

How Lost Out January 19 Via Invada

I was lost, but now I’ve done found this sweet silky ditty.




Ed Harcourt – Strange Beauty

El Magnifico Out March 29 Via Wolf Cabin Studios

A playful tune with great vocals.


Dog Unit – Concrete Barges On The Banks of the Thames

Great tune to space out to after a spliff.


Jozef Van Wissem - The Devil is a Fair Angel and the Serpent a Subtle Beast

The Night Dwells in the Day Out January 19 Via Incunabulum Records

Does this sound like a folk rendition of Halloween’s main theme or is it just us?


Beans – Haunted

Boot N Cats Out March 1 Via Fuzz Club

How you like dem Beans? Just fine and dandy, thanks, got room for more!


Black Grape – Milk

Orange Head Out January 19 Via DGAFF Recordings

It’s weird, it’s got our attention.


Katy Kirby – Party of the Century

Blue Raspberry Out January 26 Via Anti

It’s a super approachable tune, infectious.

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