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Dog Unit @ Omeara (Live Review)

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Dog Unit

@ Omeara, London

Words & Pics by Captain Stavros

Hot on the heels of an eco-friendly album release, At Home, and a sold-out show at the Lexington earlier this month, where not even yours truly could get a spot to review, the masses are lapping up the hype swirling around none other than Dog Unit. Full disclosure: there will be dog pawns a-plenty in this done here review.

Outside Omeara, where a ‘doors open at 5:30pm’ has turned into doors at 6:30, the queue continues to grow as our patience shrinks. Eventually, we make it through the door only to be faced by a human fence across the front of the stage. Nestled in between the ammonia stenches emanating from human trees, likely coming down from a two-day jag where bathing comes second to Red Stripe tinnies, we settle in; breathing through our mouth and hoping to god the set is worth it.

John Kennedy – of X-Posure, which has just turned 25, brought together a celebration of chart climbing semi-underexposed bands, most notably for us, Dog Unit. To be fair, we were impressed with Prima Queen and Chartreuse’ set so big shout out to them for their fine performances respectively indeed. John insisted on introducing, Lucy, Sam, James and Henry by name as they hit the stage in matching boiler suits. They form an intimate setup, with Sam and Henry sat across each other, guitar in laps, as James looms above, bass in hand, with Lucy as over-watch on the drums; keeping the fiends at bay with a steady rhythm.

It’s not easy reviewing an instrumental group without a track-list or opportunity for a quick interview but we’re gonna try; while some might buck at strictly instrumentals, for us, it's the soundtrack to our lives without a muddled dialogue and, in our opinion, sometimes that's just what we need. The opener, straight liquid chill, which the crowd is pretty pleased with. It’s not easy making this set come off as effortless which to their credit is a low-key flex. The crowd has pushed forward and the gaps in the audience have filled up. Launched out of the gate by James Weaver's propulsive, funk-laden basslines, it's a perfect showcase of Walton and Scowcroft's dancing, interlocking guitars, all held in place by drummer Lucy Jamieson's deceptively dexterous beats.

Combining melancholic melody with lush, atmospheric accompaniment. Their unique sound — instrumental music that leans just as heavily on the tune-first, purist pop qualities reminiscent of instrumental bands in arms Foxtrot Sierra and the Uniforms, Captain Rico & The Ghost Band, Khruangbin. Dog Unit’s got a bit more bite than the aforementioned, when someone, somewhere, steps on a switch on a board toggling a grungy fuzz that kicks in as much as it kicks out. Tremolos rip up and down the fret board both on guitar and bass alike. Lucy’s percussion is in lockstep with James’ bass and both punch out for a bit of flavour.

Set highlights for us were Sam Walton’s tiny piano, affectionately named Harpy Harpington (by us, don’t ask why) and when Lucy pulled out gong sticks to play her kit. The sounds were ever so subtle and enveloping, well played. It's very apparent that the band is meant to complement each other's strengths. There’s contrast instead of conflict in these twangy and tripped out pseudo psychedelics, and we are totally here for it. These lot form a cohesive unit and their charming tones are certainly of the seductive persuasion. The term, ‘a tough act to follow’ came to mind more than a few times watching Dog Unit who will be touring extensively into the Autumn, keep that info on…. a tight leash, waaaay-o.


Singles That Mingle 20240201

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Corridor – Mourir Demain

Mimi Out April 26 Via Sub Pop

Only the French could get away with such dark lyrics swaddled in warm and unassuming fuzzy grunge.


Dog Unit – When Do We Start Fighting?

At Home Out April 5 Via Brace Yourself Records

I guess the fisticuffs on this instrumental brilliance kicks off on the 5th of April with re-match tourd ates throughout the same month.


Chiedu Oraka – Rhythm of my Pain

Mixtape Misfit Out April 26 Via EMI North

Beats are on point, lyrically it’s getting there, one to keep an eye on


The Red, Pinks and Purples – Your Worst Song is Your Greatest Hit

Unwishing Well Out April 12 Via Tough Love Records

Jarvis Cocker fans will not be disappointed in this one as he’s channeled pretty thoroughly in this track.


Bnny – Good Stuf

One Million Love Song Out April 5 Via Fire Talk Records

Hooked us.


Chastity Belt – I-90 Bridge

Live, Laugh, Love Out March 29 Via Suicide Squeeze Records

Instantly transported to warm and sunnier times from this dismal grey winter.


Grandaddy – Long as I’m Not The Only One

Blu Wav Out February 16 Via Dangerbird Records

If you’ve ever enjoyed Grandaddy the chances are likely all the elements that made you fall for them in the first place are in this track.


gglum – Do You See Me Different (Feat Kamal) and Glue

The Garden Dream Out March 29 Via Secretly Canadian

Normally not into Folkcore but a smooth listen.

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