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MF Tomlinson Struts Into Oblivion In New Video

MF Tomlinson has released the video for his new single ‘Sum Of Nothing’. The song is his meditation on the climate crisis and the absurdity of working toward a future that might not be waiting for us. Filmed in LA, the video is set on the very last day on earth and MF is skipping town.

Director Susie Francis took inspiration from "the ever-changing playful momentum of the track, the story telling of early Spike Jonze videos and a moment of West Side Story choreography," when developing her vision for this piece…"If you listen to the lyrics, there's a lot happening here and I hope the video can keep up!" 

Accordingly the video races along, landscapes and people fly by until suddenly an abandoned grocery cart picks MF up and whisks him away into the desert. Freed from the world, he and some like-minded friends make the most of what time they have left before they watch the very last sunset.

Regarding the video MF Tomlinson says, “Shooting was extremely physical and it was right in the middle of a heat wave. Polyester trousers and Doc Martens were probably the wrong choice - needless to say I got heatstroke every single day! …Susie found this strip in the desert where people had dumped all this garbage - as far as an apocalyptic video goes there was a readymade set! It’s a video about climate change, so we tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible in every other respect including making sure all the trash used as props was properly recycled. We took the golf clubs and metal detector back to the junk shop and the cart back to the original store.”



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