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MF Tomlinson Calculates The Sum Of Nothing

The genre-defying MF Tomlinson has released his brand new single ‘Sum Of Nothing’. The song plays like a meeting of Arcade Fire and Talking Heads, pulling together vibrant elements of jazzy horns, lush strings, thumping synth bass and glorious vocal harmonies.

‘Sum Of Nothing’ is MF’s meditation on the climate crisis and the absurdity of working toward a future that might not be waiting for us. He sings, “Ever since I was a youth/ impending doom has always been on the news/what is the result of all your labour/what's waiting for us at the end of the rainbow?/What’s the sum of nothing?

While this situation seems too immense to grapple with, MF wants to convey the idea that we’re in an incredible progressive cultural moment. Far from becoming mired by fatalism, he’s all about taking on our uncertain future with a bounce in his step, but he’s not pulling any punches either.

‘Sum Of Nothing’ follows the release of his debut single ‘Nature Boy’ earlier this year - a sonic collision between Todd Rundgren and Dr Dre featuring cinematic soul synths and a thundering bassline.

MF’s songs are the down-but-not-out chronicles of ordinary life, widescreen portraits of his relationships and neighbourhood painted with a cast of talented collaborators. He’s on a musical mission to turn up the transcendental in his everyday experiences.


MF Tomlinson will mark the release of ‘Sum Of Nothing’ with his biggest headline show to date at the Moth Club, London on July 31.



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