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Fine Points Release Ode To Filmmaking

San Francisco’s Fine Points have released a new video for ‘The Fang’ shot entirely on VHS by Bone and Gold. They have also unveiled the new single ‘Ready & Able’, featuring call & response vocals from Hannah Moriah. ‘Ready & Able’is a re-tooled “carpe diem” of sorts; this track withstood multiple iterations before settling down to its minimal form. These releases come ahead of the band’s album, Take Shape. Produced by Grammy-winning Jason Carmer (Third Eye Blind, Billy Idol, Merle Haggard), the album will be available in full on July 13 via Dine Alone Records.

‘The Fang’ serves as an epitaph of magnified courage in the face of oppression or difficult odds. Shot entirely on VHS on a limited budget, director Brandon Moore says, “‘The Fang’ is an ode to filmmaking in its most crude and unrefined form. Inspired by childhood memories of crafting Halloween costumes and watching Saturday morning cartoons, I revisited the youthful wonder of making films as a kid. The music video follows a gang of monsters who convene for one last hurrah before returning to the afterlife. Juxtaposed against pleasant suburban life, ‘The Fang’ plays with existing character tropes creating a campy, heartfelt experience.”

Since releasing their debut album, Hover, in 2015, Fine Points have continued to lay the brickwork of their narco-pop stylings. After landing tours with hazy contemporaries such as White Fence, The Warlocks, and The Fresh & Onlys, the band returned to California to work on demos for their sophomore offering. Somewhere along the way producer Jason Carmer reached out to the band and they recorded the tracks heard on Take Shape at Carmer’s Berkeley studio.




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