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Mosquitos To Release New Album "Mexican Dust"

Indie pop group Mosquitos have announced the upcoming release of their new album, Mexican Dust. The fourth full-length record for the band, Mexican Dust will be released via Six Degrees Records on August 18th. The album reflects the diverse and eclectic musical range of the trio, encompassing a unique blend of Brazilian influences, American pop smarts and witty, oddball arrangements.

The group has also shared a new track, ‘This Town’, a synthesizer-infused psalm for the excitement of big-city life that serves as the opening track on Mexican Dust. Singer Juju Stulbach remarks on how naturally the song emerged: "I felt I had something. The song came out whole in one take. It came out so rounded and complete that we did not dare add or change any of the words or melody."

A recurring theme on Mexican Dust is the search for a home, one that Stulbach as lyricist addresses head-on in ‘This Town’, a sudden yearning for her frenetic New York City streets. Stulbach further explores this sense of detachment and longing in ‘Estrangeira’ and the wryly humorous ‘Island in the Bathtub’.

Mosquitos – singer Juju Stulbach, singer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Root, keyboardist-programmer Jon Marshall Smith – are musical nomads whose songs occupy a mythical place somewhere between Brooklyn and Brazil. After scoring a hit with their bossa-nova inspired song ‘Boombox’ in 2003, the group went on to release two more albums before going on hiatus. An out-of-the-blue offer for Mosquitos to contribute a song to an indie rock tribute album for the 30th anniversary of Fraggle Rock got Root and Smith talking again.

The group ultimately reconvened in New York City to record Mexican Dust with producer/arranger Michael Leonhart, a longtime sideman with Steely Dan who has recorded with artists ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to Yoko Ono. “I find Juju and Chris to be incredibly earnest friends and artists, always searching for new ways of pushing their own boundaries and self-expression," remarks Leonhart. "They are naturally gifted songwriters who together with Jon have created this unique micro-universe of tropicalia-punk-folk."



Mexican Dust tracklist:

1. This Town

2. Far Like Stars

3. Estrangeira

4. Counting The Days

5. Azulando

6. Lights Pass By

7. Island In the Bathtub

8. So Lonely

9. Quantum Romanticum

10. Mexican Dust

11. Someone You Love

12. Into The Drain

13. Todo Fogo 

14. Sometimes She’s Blue

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