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Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160321

  • Written by  Dave Beech


For your entertainment at the start of another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Trampolene – 'Tom Hardy'

Balls to the wall and tongue-in-cheek indie rock from South Wales kicking off this week. 'Tom Hardy' sees the indie rock trio musing on life's mundanities and how much better it would be if they were the eponymous actor. Fusing together blues driven indie anthemics with cheeky every-man lyricism, it's easy to understand the bands appeal.

New York Tourists – 'Adrenaline'

Something a little more sincere in the for of New York Tourists. Hailing from Blackburn, the band peddle a moody and atmospheric brand of alt-rock that throbs with a quiet dissatisfaction. 'Adrenaline' steadily mounts towards a fragile break-down, before exploding in an emphatic and cathartic conclusion.


Fake War – 'Uniforms'

Stoke's Fake War aren't happy with the current political climate, but rather scream, shout and spit about it as other bands might do, they write a quietly condemning commentary in the form of 'Uniforms'. Having created an amalgamation of post-punk, new wave and garage rock that perfectly suits their political malaise, it's likely we'll be hearing much more from the three-piece soon.

Factory – 'Norman Wisdom'

One of Merseyside's most promising acts at the moment, Factory subscribe to the kind of Scouse psych that's become a common export. Rather than feel like something you've heard before however, Factory manage to stay fresh and forward thinking without straying too far from their roots.


Sheafs – 'Anticipation, No Consolation'

Snarling and swaggering indie rock from the Steel City, Sheafs manage to encompass the attitude of brit-pop without ever sounding trite. 'Anticipation, No Consolation' is a short sharp kick to the ribs that doesn't so much as introduces listeners to Sheafs' sound, as it does bludgeon them around the head with it. Expect big things.


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