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Grandma's House - Grandma's House (EP Review)

  • Written by  Johnno.Johnno



When it comes to the evolution of punk music, I feel progress is as equally as important as staying true to the inherent nature of punk and its humble beginnings. Punk philosophy, punk attitude, and the accessibly-melodic punk sound are the triad that can solidify how true to punk music a band can be. The balance within that Venn diagram will showcase punk bands' seemingly indecipherable differences from their peers and predecessors, and what makes them... them.


If you can find the right balance, a group who manages the triad, it's worthwhile to open the door and step in. Welcome to Grandma's House, abundant with youthful vigor from the Bristol-based queer-surf-noir-punk trio.


Upon listening to the debut, self-titled EP, there is an apparent homage to the band's roots. Primary singer and guitarist, Yasmin Berndt's voice cuts through and over the music, replicating a love-child's voice that of Lemmy and Brody Dalle. The latest single and title track, ‘Girl’, professes women falling in love all while the riot girls make painfully clear, “the struggles queer people experience with coming out and the ups and downs of relationships”. The dark and light of experiencing such love shows the band's commitment to realism.


In the track ‘Golden’, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The band altruistically flip off the greed of “the haves”; classic punk rock. Clocking in just over two minutes with a video of the trio dressed as Victorian aristocrats, surrounded by opulence, Yasmin demands the “have nots'” share, with drummer Poppy Dodgson's backing vocals, mirroring Beth Gibbons from fellow Bristolians, Portishead. There must be something in the water.


Grandma's House is full of piss and vinegar. But if you catch their YouTube channel, you will see they're equally full of doilies, cake, and tea. Their youth, femininity, and queerness are a voice needed within their genre; making it a well-suited grounding before, hopefully, hitting higher musical plateaus. If you want riot girl punk, this EP is for you.

7.5 / 10


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