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The Molochs Premiere New Single

The Molochs have premiered their second single, 'Too Lost in Love', ahead of the release of their second album, Flowers In The Spring, on September 7 via Innovative Leisure. “I had come in with just this repeating chorus: ‘Too lost in love to see what’s going on,'” says singer-songwriter Lucas Fitzsimons.

“It just went ’round and ’round in circles because it felt so good to sing and play. It was like a mantra. The lyrics express the kind of subjectivity that comes with a person’s individual experience. You could be having the most wonderful time falling in love with someone while the world crumbles around you and you wouldn’t even notice. I like to think the world just needs some good solid songs out there. It’s simple. It’s not easy … but it’s simple.”

America’s Velvet Glory, their first record, sparked their first-ever U.S and European tours, first-ever festival sets, first-ever international press and more. The follow-up bloomed almost exactly a year later at Long Beach’s Jazzcats studio between December of 2017 and January of 2018, where Fitzsimons and longtime band member Ryan Foster had recorded Glory. By the time they’d returned, they had a slate of songs that had come to Fitzsimons in flash moments, written on nerve-wracking transcontinental flights or on isolated nights in an L.A. apartment, captured at once in bursts of insight or rescued from almost-abandonment in discarded notebooks.



1 To Kick In A Lover’s Door

2 I Wanna Say To You

3 A Little Glimpse of Death

4 Shadow Of A Girl

5 Flowers in the Spring

6 Pages Of Your Journal

7 First Time I Saw You

8 And She’s Sleeping Now

9 Too Lost In Love

10 Wade In The Water

11 (She Glows)

12 All The Things That Happen To Me




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