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The Wombats - Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

  • Written by  Becky Mahon

The Liverpudlian Lads are back and after the success of their 2015’s Glitterbug, they have returned to prove that they have plenty more bite left in them. As heard from the previous album, The Wombats have matured and entered the indie synth world of music, which is clear from the moment opening track ‘Cheetah Tongue’ begins. This said, have no fear old school Wombats' fans, as some classic elements from their previous albums remain like, their infectious riffs and vocalist Matthew Murphy opening with the rather dramatic line:

“I cut off my head and my cheetah tongue, I can’t think straight and my mouth is numb” before proclaiming; “my hands shake like jellyfish when your near” proving that some of the classic Wombats' silliness still remains. The strange combination works perfectly for a song which is about being lost and struggling with the adulthood life. It tells us not to worry as we are all going through something similar. A comforting welcome message in a very enjoyable opening song.

The first single to drop from the album; ‘Lemon to a Knife Fight’ has already been making waves and it's no shock as to why. The song is an energetic and quirky masterpiece, which is addictive with lyrics that you will find yourself picking up instantly and singing to yourself for weeks to come.

The standout track on the album is easily ‘Turn’, which a euphoric synth track, with elements similar to the Hurts. The slowness of the track pulls you right into the honesty of Murphy’s vocals and sends you into a sense of nostalgia. You replay every relationship you have ever had, even all “bullshit that I missed”, as it is so eloquently put. A beautifully British indie track about love and loss and all the questions and doubts you are left with, one that is already a fan favourite with over 5,000,000 plays on Spotify.

A total anthem comes in the form of ‘Black Flamingo’, which just builds and builds and one that certainly deserves to be blaring in indie clubs in the future. However, following song ‘White Eyes’ is a strange pop sounding song. In a way, it sounds like a remixed version of a Wombats' song, or a song that Murphy has kindly offered his vocals to. Whilst it could be seen as a great pop song; it seems a little out of place on this album.

The short but sweet ‘Lethal Combination’, could be either about a toxic relationship, or be about, that best friend who is a bad influence and always talks you into getting smashed. Either way, it is a simple yet effective song that brings back some early Wombats feels. Much like ‘I Only Wear Black’, a fun indie, foot stomper with an all too familiar 80’s classic bass line in the background which you will find yourself bobbing along to. ‘Out of my Head’ is another funky song, featuring a heavy bass and synths. While it may sound like a full party track, the brilliant lyrics tell a different story.

‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Dip You in Honey’, are songs that could easily get lost in the noise but, each have their own stand out moments. ‘Ice Cream’ holds a brilliant chorus and satirical lyrics and ‘Dip You in Honey’ has a great guitar solo. Finally, the closing track ‘I Don’t Know Why I Like You but I Do’ is a slow and melodic track, that many listeners will surely relate to. We all have had those relationships where we have asked ourselves the same question.

Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, is a more mature album from The Wombats, proving that with every new album comes and a new wave of maturity and a new addition of synths. However, unlike Glitterbug, this album tones down on the 80’s vibes, while bringing back the riffing guitars and indie edge. This combination, along with the honest, clever satirical lyrics make this an album that should not be missed in 2018 and one that should deservingly place The Wombats into the charts again. 

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