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Tennis - Yours Conditionally

  • Written by  Gareth Hack

Returning with an affluence of retro vibes, Colorado-based Indie pop duo, Tennis are back with album number four. Still riding along the surfy sounding waves of previous records, Yours Conditionally is an equally dreamy affair. 

The husband and wife pairing of Alaina Moore (vocals, keyboards) and Patrick Riley (guitar, keyboards, production) could be the key to the harmony that Tennis is able to conjure up. Nothing is forced and there are no telltale signs that meticulous planning has gone into each track. Instead, it seems an off the cuff approach has given the record a desirable natural aesthetic. 

The record ever so slightly leans towards the disco touches that the likes of Moloko once attempted; ‘My Emotions Are Blinding’ is a highlight. Although the hypnotic and gentle quality of Yours Conditionally is hugely down to Moore’s smooth crooning, there is much to be said for the layers of keys, clean guitars and basic beats that allow her to shine. Based largely on a style that consists of sun-kissed melodies and charming drowsiness, Yours Conditionally is a record that beautifully captures a partnership of musical matrimony. Cleverly avoiding any nauseating couple stereotype performance, Tennis have managed to focus on the overall outcome. 

It would be fair to suggest that the record sits within the safety net that many similar acts also find themselves caught in. However, Yours Conditionally isn't attempting to be anything other than itself, and that is perhaps the difference here. For both Moore and Riley, the sincerity to one another is cemented within these songs and it only adds to the record’s validity. 

Yours Conditionally is a wonderful supply of lazy, haziness. An album that is both loyal and committed to itself and its writers. An uplifting array of love and companionship celebrated through song, Tennis have found a special kind of balance. 

Yours Conditionally is available via Amazon and iTunes. 

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