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New Overkill Album On The Way

Legendary New Jersey thrashers, Overkill, release their upcoming eighteenth album, The Grinding Wheel on February 10 via Nuclear Blast. You can sample it on the new lyric video for ‘Our Finest Hour’. The Grinding Wheel was produced by the band and mixed by Andy Sneap (Testament, Exodus, Accept). The artwork was created again by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth).

New Jersey’s Overkill have never let their fans down; remaining musically consistent and true to their roots for an impressive 35 years, with an unprecedented 18 studio albums under their belts.

The massive contribution to thrash by heavy metal partners-in-crime Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and bassist D.D. Verni (who co-founded Overkill the same year Ronald Reagan was elected President) is undeniable.

Overkill were formed about one year before Slayer and Anthrax and a couple of years ahead of Metallica, with all of the aforementioned bands pushing forward a new style of music drawing from NWOBHM, hard rock and punk.

The Grinding Wheel can be ordered here


1. Mean Green Killing Machine

2. Goddamn Trouble

3. Our Finest Hour

4. Shine On

5. The Long Road

6. Let's All Go To Hades

7. Come Heavy

8. Red White And Blue

9. The Wheel

10. The Grinding Wheel

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