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The Dealers - Serendipic Breakfast

Yet another switched on contemporary Sixties act bounds forth from Europe in the shape of Spanish quartet The Dealers. Their debut Bickerton Records/Action Weekend Records album Serendipic Breakfast features a 11 cuts of authentic, original tracks.

Laced throughout with brass, harmonica and the more regular guitar, bass, drums & organ this is a set of songs that definitely display more of their wealth of detail upon repeated listening. In part that’s due to no single track having the same immediate effect as their earlier, non-album, singles ‘I Can’t Win’ and ‘El Extrano' but the pace throughout is mostly the sort that will get you jigging along and there’s undeniable depth to the material.

Live you can easily imagine that they turn things up a notch &, in a similar way to The Baron Four and fellow travellers on the scene, bring forth a vibrant & forthright performance of good time stomping whilst giving it all they’ve got.

Opener ‘Nowhere To Go’ ably sets the agenda with that wailing harmonica right from the start. ‘The Lady From The Watchtower’ provides a more considered and ballad-like few minutes whilst ‘Serendipia’ takes things on a woozy, swampland psych tangent, ably highlighting that the band have plenty of strings to their bow & that no two tracks here are going to sound the same.

The maturity of songs such as ‘Me And The Ceiling Fans’, the use of samples (church bells etc.) and the overall production of the album place it amongst the best that newer acts on the scene have released in the last year or so. The band have clearly carefully considered their every move and versatility is very much the name of The Dealers’ game. They thoroughly deserve to prosper in the coming months.

Don't just take my word for it though, checkout the album yourselves:-

Serendipic Breakfast is available from bandcamp.

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