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In Pictures: Hozier, Barrowlands, Glasgow

  • Written by  Chris Kerins


The Glasgow Barrowlands was a sold out butt to crotch affair, unless of course you stood at the bar, in anticipation for one of the biggest names to arrive from Ireland for a few long years. Hozier's soulful voice and dirty blues guitar lines have made most of the U.K stand up and take notice. As 'Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene' began to warm the crowd up, our photographer Chris Kerins was on hand to capture the night.

Hozier Barrowlands

The Glasgow crowd were on great form, giving the sound technician some of the biggest cheers of the night after he tested out each instrument. The sound was spot on and the more surprising element of the night was just how well the album tracks translated onto the stage, striking a great balance between raw and tight.

Alana Henderson's technique on her cello was a particular highlight has they moved on to perform 'From Eden'.

Rachael Lampa & Lorraine Barnes

Rachael Lampa from Nashville (left) and Lorraine Barnes from London (right) were note perfect from start to finish and really put themselves in the mix with swinging moves and pitch perfect harmonies.

Hozier Live Barrowlands

'Jackie and Wilson' is a nod to, well you guessed it, Jackie Wilson. The man who is widely regarded as playing the most important role in the transition of rhythm & blues into soul. We all remember 'Reet Petite'.

Alana Henderson & Marcello

Alana pictured above just before she puts her aptly named instrument Marcello to one side to perform a vocal duet on 'In a Week' with Hozier. A track that was performed with Karen Cowley of Wyvern Lingo on the album. 

All Images By Chris Kerins

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