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Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface

  • Written by  Zoe Wallbank

Twenty One Pilots are known for their genius mix of ukulele, rapping, and heavy drums; an odd combination not doubt but one that just works for them. Blurryface is their second album and slightly heavier than the previous. This has already been shown through their first single ‘Fairly Local’ and latest track ‘Stressed Out’ which sums up the album well, showcasing the talent and incredible combination it seems only they could pull off with the slightly heavier feel. Either of these tracks would have been a great opening as the actual opening song ‘HeavyDirtySoul’ isn’t as powerful.

What makes this duo work across all genres and forms is the powerful and extremely honest lyrics. The stand out tracks for this are ‘Lane Boy’ a metaphor about crossing genres and forms and refusing to stay in the ‘lanes’ that others expect or pressure them to, ‘The Judge’ that sends an honest message through a metaphor rather than a message getting lost in metaphors and ‘We Don’t believe What’s On TV’ which is a political song with a ukulele led track another combination that is a popular choice for them. Although their song ‘Message Man’ sums up their lyrics best by simply stating: “It’s poetry.”

They sum up their signature sound best themselves in ‘Not Today’ by saying “this song is a contradiction because it sounds so happy but the words are so down.” They have the perfect balance between emotional and impactful lyrics and happy beats.

Although their lyrics are more political and about life and the problems people face throughout life, there are still some cute love songs in the mix too. Most noticeably ‘Tear In My Heart’ a beautiful ukulele based love song, which still flows well in the album despite being very romantic.

This closing track is ‘Goner’ a sad piano lead song that is the slowest on the album bring it to a close well. The last lyric is ‘I just wanna be known by you’, and expect these guys to be known by everyone soon. They have talent in bucket loads and such a unique and refreshing take on an often repetitive industry. 

Blurryface is available from amazon and iTunes.

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