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Kenneth McMurtrie

Kenneth McMurtrie

California X - Nights In The Dark


California X return with Nights In The Dark, replete with sub-Adventure Time play on words cover art that does the work far fewer favours than that of their self-titled debut. Does it herald a change of musical direction or did it just seem a good idea at the time?

No and probably are the two answers to those questions. You can expect the same metal-leaning grunge as previously laid down on California X, other than on the rather drippy one and a half minutes of the instrumental ‘Ayla’s Song’ and the mostly clean, chorus-pedal heavy ‘Garlic Road’. Unfortunately the brighter feeling and energy of album number one is very often submerged on the remainder of Nights In The Dark.

Pace has taken a back seat to make way for heavier, prolonged riffing (see the six minutes of ‘Blackrazor, Pt.2’) which too often makes the album sound like an experiment in imagining what else J. Mascis might have tried to do in the late Nineties when he was amusing himself with Upside Down Cross. As an experiment it’s a failure, mainly because the riffs are a drag and the songs in general lack decent ideas along with that aforementioned energy that still makes the earlier output still worth listening to. No song here comes close to the soaring enjoyment of ‘Spider X’, for example.

Possibly this is an example of the “difficult” second album and the band’s next effort may either see them fully realise whatever it is they’ve aimed to achieve here or rediscover whatever it was they had when in the studio the first time around but until that work is in the can they’ve a while of treading water with the new material ahead of them.

Nights In The Dark is available from amazon & iTunes.

Hipsville Announce Full 2015 Line-Up

With barely four months left until the Hipsville Horror-A-Go!Go! weekender lays waste to Bisley & the surrounding area the fiendish folks behind the event have unleashed their full line-up upon an unsuspecting & unprepared public.

Make no mistake - this is a terrifyingly good and original gathering together of international garage punk & other Sixties madness which will set your bones a jangling (whether there's any flesh on them or not). Be afraid, very afraid.

Doing their level best to either give you a good time or scare you into an early grave will be the culprits listed below:-

Main Stage

GIUDA (italy)

“Stompin’ glam punk‘n’roll”  video/info


“The hottest youngest authentic US garage punk act on the scene”  video/info


“All girl 1960s ‘group-sounds’ inspired, garage rock 4-piece”   video/info

 THE ANOMALYS (netherlands)

“Psychotic, unpredictable and primitive rock’n’roll trio”   video/info


“An explosive mix of 80’s power pop and 60’s surf delivered with heavy fuzzed out bass”  video/info


“Fearsome French 60’s R’n’B crazy assed wild men”

 THE SCREAMING LORD SUTCH tribute (monsterville)

“The monstrous sound of rock’n’horror rises from the grave! ” video/info


“Sir Baldy’s all-star combo playing authentic, swinging, ska and shufflin’ rhythm’n’blues”  video

Tikiville Tiki Bar Stage

THE ERROR TEAM (belgium)

“Instrumental film exotica music with a jazzy twist”   info


“HIPSVILLE’s favourite band returns, even we don’t know what they have in store for us this year!”


“Fifty Foot Combo side project playing Las Vegas grind style monstrous rock’n’roll”


“Three ladies making fuzzed-up, freaked-out, wild rock’n’roll!”   info


“The Sex Organs from outer space! Intergalactic sex’n’roll!”  video/info


“Trashy, rumble, surf, bop, blitz”  video/info

THE TiKi HEADS (who knows?)

“The world’s foremost enigmatic and exotic surf group extraordinaire”  video/info

Ticket information, directions, accommodation options etc. can all be found on the event site here 

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