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The latest single reviews from our London Correspondent, Captain Stavros

Aoife Nessa Frances

‘This Still Life’

Protector out October 28 via Partisan Records

As summer slowly slips away, we thought we’d start the STM list with a song that embodies that transition nicely.


Courtney Marie Andrews

‘These Are The Good Old Days’

Loose Future out October 7 via Fat Possum

Speaking of seasons slipping away, doesn’t mean the good ole days gotta go with ‘em.



‘Reduced Voltage’

Private View out September 30

A mechanical melody from the future.


King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

‘Ice V’

Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava out now via KGLW

It’s a good track but more importantly these motherfuckers are releasing three albums in October!!!!


Beth Orton 

‘Fractals’ (Feat Alabaster Deplume)

Weather Alive out now Via Partisan Records

One time Alabaster told me a funny anecdote involving a child and a tuba, I think, whilst walking down Holloway Road. The lesson? Listen to anything involving DePlume, you won’t be remiss.



Gold Panda

‘The Work’

The Work out November 11 via City Slang

A hard to describe but uplifting track that sounds sort of like a computer got high in the sun.



‘My Lovely Cat’

Out now via Joyful Noise

As always, get ready to have your mind bent by these lot. You either love ‘em or ya don’t. If it’s the former you’ll appreciate the consistency in their sound carrying through in this gem.


Yumi and the Weather

‘It’s All in my Head’

Out now via  Miohmi Records

It’s all in your head and you’ll have a tough time getting it out once it’s in there.


Princess Chelsea

‘Forever is a Charm’

Everything Is Going To Be Alright out October 8 via Lil’ Chief Records

It’s got a whimsical B52s-ness with a bit of Blondie, anyone else hear it?


Núria Graham

‘Yes It’s Me, The Goldfish’

Ridiculous song-title, ridiculously great lo-fi goodness.




Out Now via City Slang Records

Bit of a clubby anthem vibe, and yet, we were not put off.


The Black Angels

‘Empires Falling’

Wilderness of Mirrors out now via Partisan Records

The album is out now, sell your children to buy it, you will not regret it. It’s the love child of the QOTSA and TEODM.


Bass Drum of Death

‘Say Your Prayers’

Co-Written by Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr, not sure how we feel about that...


Cool Sounds

‘Like That’

Like That Out October 7 via Chapter Music

Cool sounds, now with saxa-ma-phone? Yes please!


The Orielles

‘The Room’

Tableau out October 7 via Heavenly Recordings

A band that met at a house party and always feels like they’re catering to that vibe, nothing wrong with that. Another low-fi gem.


Jade Imagine

‘Instinct That I Wanna Know’

Cold Memory out now via Marathon Artists

Low-fi funky pop, easy to listen to and feel good about.




Blue Skies out now via Fat Possum

Grungy and tough to pin down, a song I’d like to hear playing at my local.

These New South Whales

‘Rotten South’

Channelling some grunge/rock sounds of the mid ’90s, digging it.









Singles That Mingle 20220825

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Captain Stavros highlights the best of new and upcoming releases

Das Beat


Out now via Arbutus Records

Particularly pleasant in a low-fi moody manner.




Nicks and Grazes out October 14 via Saddle Creek Records

Palms out LARP out. Deep bass’ll make your phones crackle with pleasure.


Italia 90


Out Now via Brace Yourself Records

A schizophrenic track made for running away from a screaming and armed mob.



‘Something New’

Care – Out Now via Meat Machine Records

There a palpable energy that’s simply irresistible with CLAMM.


The Paranoyds

‘Single Origin Experience’

Talks Talk Talk – Out September 9 via Third Man Records

In the late 90s and early 00s Soundtracks were riddled with slappers like these.


Peeping Drexels

‘Sneak Motel’

Day of Heaven – Out September 2 via Brace Yourself Records

A languidly pleasant track.


Princess Chelsea


To Be Alright – Out Oct 7 via Lil’ Chief Records

Always enjoy a track whose lyrics are sung slow enough to be understood and appreciated.




Girders – Out September 2 via Alcopop!

Layered with tons of musical textures, extremely enjoyable.


Peel Dream Magazine


Pad – Out October 7 via Tough Love

Sucker for a track with finger snaps.


Okay Kaya

‘Spinal Tap’

SAP - Out November 4 via JagJagWar Records

Undeniable that Okay Kaya continues to expand and express herself in this new tune


Mádé Kuti

‘No More Wars’

Out Now via Partisan Records

An inarguable message


Muna lleiwat


Twenty-Seven – Out Now via Fear of Missing Out Records

Another fresh single from emerging young talent.


The Black Angels

‘Without a Trace’

Winderness of Mirrors – Out September 16 on Partisan Records

Fuzzing awesome.


Cool Sounds

‘6 or 7 more’

Like That – Out October 7 via Chapter Music

If ‘The Rapture’ and ‘Modest Mouse’ had music babies, this would be them.


October And The Eyes

‘Tit Pic’

Who Upset You – Out Now via KRO Records

Comes across like the opening band that ends up stealing the show from the headliner, keep an eye on this lot.


Gloria de Oliveira & Dean Hurley

‘Something to Behold’

Oceans of Time – Out September 16 on Sacred Bones Records

Both the video and music are haunting, craving a spooky fix? Look no further.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Cool It Down – Out September 30 via Secretly Canadian

This isn’t the YYYs I grew up with but something about this new track in undeniable.


Ellie Bleach

‘Tupperware Party’

Ellegant Way to Sell Out EP – Out October 6 via Sad Club Records

If you used to run an improve group out of a church hall in Pittsburgh, this might be the song for you.


Yumi and the Weather

‘Can You Tell’

Out Now via Miohmi Records

A fast moving that packs heavy undertones.


Native Harrow

‘Old Kind of Magic’

Old Kind of Magic – Out October 28 on Loose Records

This track definitely brings back that old timey microphone magic.


Le Junk

‘Midnight Lover’

Out Now via Superstar Recordings

Le Junk’s no drunk dial hussy, his latest is a midnight lover’s go to reach-out. Another toe tapping hip shaker.



‘O.W.T.H. (Off With Their Heads)’

Out now – Via Raw Carrots/Barce Yourself Press

It’s got that early ‘00s UK Skunk Anansie meets Hercules and Love Affair feel to it.



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