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Metal Detector 20220315

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Welcome back to the Metal Detector, Muso’s Guide home of heavy metal.


‘Call Me Little Sunshine’

Impera is out now on Vertigo Records

Sweden’s satanic majesties of metal and melody are back.  Ghost have a new album out and, if this single were anything to go by, it would be a demonic joyride.  This is definitely the highlight of Impera and has shades of The Cult about it.  The record, as a whole, is shot through with stadium rock sounds, from gated snares to reverb heavy guitars.  Some of the lyrics suggest it's a self-aware send-up on that type of music but no ampount of clever satire could make me want to expose myself too it on a regular basis.  That said, "Call Me Little Sunshine" stuck in my head and it's a cracker of a tune.


‘A Signal in the Noise’

If you can’t get enough of Ghost, you can catch some former Nameless Ghouls on tour soon.  Priest play gothic, EBM-influenced electro, and this tune brings to mind the Sisters of Mercy and Cabaret Voltaire. They're playing the Grand Social in Dublin, in a couple of weeks with our friends in Lugosi supporting.. Tickets here.



You wait 10 years for an album, then two come along in quick succession.  Rammstein have unexpectedly announced a new album and this is the title track.  After taking nearly a decade to write their last album, the global pandemic interrupted their promotional tour and they have kept themselves busy recording a follow-up already. Put the Belfast show back on, Please!






Priest’s Time Will Come

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Indie-synthpop artist Priest releases the second single from her upcoming EP, Lost Lions. ‘Our Time Will Come’ opens with a captivating, soaring synth that takes listeners into the clouds, where they’re greeted with glittery guitars and pulsing, irresistible drum rhythms.

Camille’s familiar but fresh vocal musings cry out to fans, “Hang on/Lean on me/Our time will come!” Expect this song to find itself on repeat in your head long after it ends. Priest's sound could be described as Passion Pit diving for old shoegazer-era albums in a treasure chest filled with glitter.

Glistening vocals and synths pair with syncopated percussive rhythms and driving bass grooves, Priest has an increasingly recognizable pure sound that fans and critics continue to connect with. Soaring electro-pop complete with lush synths, trance-enducing rhythms, and with Camille’s enchanting vocals, she has captured the attention of music fans and critics alike.





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