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Singles That Mingle 20240124

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Hollow Coves – Photographs

Nothing To Lose Out March 1 Via Netwerk Records

Upbeat and optomistic.

Feral Family – Sold

Not sure I’ll ever be a huge FF fan but this track’s got juice.

Idles – Gift Horse

The tensions in the song and video both are worth a gander.

Porij – My Only Love

Teething Out February 26 Via Play It Again Sam Records

Watching Porij evolve is quite satisfying.

Lip Critic – The Heart

Out Now Via Partisan Records

This’ll wake you up.

The Fauns – Shake Your Hair

How Lost Out Now Via Invada Records

A timeless track, solid.

Ed Harcourt – Deathless

El Magnifico Out March 29 Via Deathless Recordings

Sortofa Sufjan Stevens vibe here.

The Miserable Rich – Probably Will

Overcome Out February 2 Via Ruin Records

A pleasant tune with a juxtapostioned compelling video.


VR Sex – Real Doll Time

Hard Copy Out March 22 Via Dais Records

Not deviating from their original body of work, no surprises, but a lot of energy.






Singles That Mingle 20231004

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Singles That Mingle


With Captain Stavros





Feral Family – This Side of Me


Energetic tune.





Gum – Argentina


Saturnia Out now Via Spinning Top Records


Song strolls in like a gentle breeze and equally as pleasant.





Princess Goes – Jetpack


Come of Age Out Friday Via Goot Records


This one’s just slipped onto our radar, we’re diggin it, and you might too. Touring in early October, checkem out.





Fazerdaze – Bigger


Bigger Single Out Now Via Section1


Big track with an unobtrusive vibe, touring in November snag your tickets!





Skinny Pelembe (Feat Beth Orton) – Who By Fire (Cover)


Caught this cat last year at The Scoail, scaling up to the Scala this October. Don’t. Miss. HIM.





Spearmint  - Prince & Joni


This Candle’s For You Out November 17 Via Wiaiwya Records


Well done cover.





Orion’s Belt – When You’re Gone I’ll Be Gone


Women Out Friday Via Jansen Records


Sonic soundwaves blasting at ya, dredgy guitar along with velvety vocals.





Index For Working Music – W1 Sprkla


Indexe’e Out Friday Via Tough Love


Hard to describe but worth the listen.





McKowski – Ask The Dust


Notes From The Boneyard Out Now Via Delta Sonic


A dark lullaby.





Theo Bleak – It’s Not Doing Me Any Good


Pain EP Out October 31


When you want someone to go to hell so bad you’ve just gotta write a song about it.







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