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Singles That Mingle 20220318

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Happy Satuday everyone! The ever-reliable Captain Stavros has sifted through the new releases to bring you the best tunes around right now.


‘Always Something’

Out Now – Papercup Music

Live @ The Victoria in Dalston on 5.4.22

We dare you to play The Cult’s - ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ simultaneously alongside ‘Always Something’.


Ibibio Sound Machine

‘17 18 19’

Electricity out March 25 on Merge Records

Touring London March 28 Rough Trade East / Electric Ballroom Camden April 14 

The last in a series of charged up singles releasing before the album drop in a few weeks. Ibibio’ll help you thaw your way into spring with the heat they bring.


Jesse Mac Cormack


SOLO out April 8 – on Secret City Records

Feels like a Thom Yorke inspired track, very Kid A.


Panic Shack

‘The Ick’

Baby Shack out April 8 – On Brace Yourself Records 

You put the milk in first? Mate, get a clue. How dare you shoosh me!




Place To Land out June 8 – Bayonet Records 

A feel good easy breezy ditty, worth a feel good warm and fuzzy listen.




‘A Breeze’

Constant Connection out April 8 – on Night School Records 

Another quality slow burner.



‘Pillar on the Bridge of Yourself’

Broken Equipment out now – on What’s Your Rapture?

Touring now across the UK 

If you like what you hear, and we do, Bodega are playing a slew of dates around the end of the month in London town.



‘Delia Smith’

Modern Job out now on Nice Swan Records 

Sprints tackle the age-old question, ‘who wants to be special anyway?’.  Track feels like a nod to Blood Red Shoes’ roots, if you dig that you’ll dig this.














Singles that Mingle 20220216

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The latest dispatch from our London Correspondent, Captain Stavros

 Laundromat – ‘Combo’

 Out Now on Brace Yourself Records

Next Gig: Servant Jazz Quarters February 17

A rich mosaic of our favourite sounds. Definitely feels like a nod to The Breeders – ‘Cannonball’ bassline mashed up with Beck’s Odelay album.





Erasers – ‘Constant Connection’

Out April 22 on Night School Records

Perth duo compile a mesmerizing and haunting soundscape. Effortlessly blurring the lines between a dreamscape and reality.





Mauv – ‘Paradise’

Out April 8th on All My Thoughts

A single we felt that earns your attention. Curious and interesting, worth a listen.







Efterklang – ‘Alien Arms’

From the album Wildflowers – Out Now on City Slang Records

Touring: London @ EartH, March 1

Efterklang is new to us. The video for ‘Alien Arms’ caught our attention specifically because of its collaborative approach which is something that comes through in their music too.





Panic Shack – ‘Mannequin Man’

Debut EP Baby Shack, out April 8 on Brace Yourself Records

Stripped back garage rock made by a bunch of troublemakers.





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