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Singles That Mingle 20240401

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Maquina – Body Control

Prata Out Friday Via Fuzz Club

A predictable low thumping long-play tune.


Corridor – Agent

Mimi Out April 26 Via Sub Pop

A smooth and flirty tune.




Friko – Crashing Through

Where We’ve Been, Where Do We Go From Here Out Now Via ATO

The vocals leave something to be desired but the track really does crash through.




John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies - My Name is Death

Lost Themes IV: Noir Out May 3 Via Sacred Bones

What in the sweet holy fuck!? Absolutely brilliant.




Kierst – Southern Star

Thud EP Out Now Via Sad Club Records

Just hit our radar. This target will remain locked in our sights.




Honesty – Cease

Box Out Now Via Partisan Records

Extremely slow burn but we feel worth the wait.




Justice – Incognito

Hyperdrama Out April 26 Via Ed Banger Records

You demand Justice, you get Justice.




Lloyd Wayne – How True

Bird Beyond Ep Out Now





Dea Matrona – Black Rain

For Your Sins Out May 3

Who can forget the Irish busking duo (formerly trio) turn rockstars?




Cola – Bitter Melon

EP Out Now Via Fire Talk

Sounds good man, and lyrics to sing along with.


Singles That Mingle 220517

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 The ever-vivacious Captain Stavros is back with another smorgasbord of new tunes.


Mr Lunge

Heavy Golden Swim

Brace Yourself Records

Weirdly Wonderful, Wonderfully weird.



Perfected Steps

Empty Seats EP Out Now

Got me with their Carpenters sounds and Rhodes Pian-ah on this trackeroni


The Queen’s Head

Your God Owes You Money

Out Now on Speedy Wunderground

Sorta sounds like drugs learned to make music.


American Football

Fade Into You

Rare Symetry/Fade Into You June 10 on Big Scary Monsters

Fresh Take on a classic.



Water Table

Deep in View Out May 20 on Fire Talk

A melancholic hook and subdued urgency that reminded us of Elliot Smith


Porridge Radio

The Rip

Water Slide, Diving  Board, Ladder to the Sky out May 20 on Secretly Canadian

Dug the Theremin on this track and the vocals reminiscent of Rexy



The Clockworks

Enough is Never Enough

Out Now on It’s Creation Baby

Dunno why, but it caught our eye. So we’re going to point a finger at The Clockworks, guess which one? 




People Feel – Out May 27 on Blowtorch Records

We really like this, it’s nitty gritty. It’s a bunch of different things slamming into each other like when Gomez would throw the signal and crash his trains. Only this works.


Park Motive


Out Now On Spinny Nights

Not usually our type of thing but credit where credit is due. Enjoyed watching and listening to the song reach critical mass. Tighten that chain though and pump those tyres though.




Girders EP Out September 2 Via Alcopop! Records / BMG

Hold the Sweaty Spaghetti Freddie. Shit shit shit kids. We love it.


Echo Beach

Am I Dreaming?

Out Now

A little poppy for our tastes, but curious enough to sneak through. Your thoughts?


Tan Cologne

Topaz Wave

Album Due Soon – Labrador Records

Solid shoegazey dream pop. Pretty good intro to the new Duo from New Mexico.



Black Latex

Out Now – Italians Do It Better

We saw Desire open for Chromatics (RIP), backed by Italians Do It Better, they never let’s us down.




Deep in View Out May 20 on Fire Talk

It’s got Squid vibes, nothing wrong with that.


The Americans

Stand True

Stand True Out Now on Loose

If you’re a fan of Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp or The White Stripes this LA Rock Trio might be for you.






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