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Singles That Mingle 20230823

  • Written by  Captain Stavros



Singles That Mingle 20230823


With Captain Stavros





Bombino – Aya Nigla


Sahel Out September 15 Via Partisan Records


For us the appeal, outside of a lovely melody, is letting the lyrics wash over us not understanding what they mean. 





Wicketkeeper – Backwards Again


Zambroni Out September 22 Via Umpire Records


The false start and grubby guitar hooked us. Peach Pit esq vocals didn’t hurt either. 





Blonde Redhead – Before


Sit Down For Dinner Out September 29 Via Section1


Burrowed it’s way down deep effortlessly, vocals like Deerhoof on methadone. 





Lathe of Heaven - At Moment's Edge


Bound By Naked Skies Out September 1.9.23 Via Sacred Bones


All the best elements of New Wave in 1 convenient location!





Duvet – Girlcow


Sweaty Dog Out October 6 Via Fear of Missing Out Records


Okay, you’ve got our attention Duvet with your hurky jerky sounds. 



Maple Glider – You’re Gonna Be A Daddy/You At The Top Of The Driveway


I Get Into Trouble Out October 13 Via Partisan 


If you’re not instantly hooked, there’s no hope for you. Enjoy a double whammy single release with UK tour dates in Sept. 





Cartoons – Grace (feat Rae Khalil)


Saturday Night Out October 6 Via Wichita Recordings 


Took less than 2 seconds to realize this was hot fire. 





Hotel Lux  - Vice


Out Now Via Conspiracy 


It starts out with a song and turns into a vice. 







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