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Singles That Mingle 20230811

  • Written by  Captain Stavros

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Wicketkeeper – Alarm Clock Radio

Zambroni Out September 22 Via Umpire Radio

A stripped back tune worthy of note so don’t hit the snooze on this one.


Susanna – Vampire

Baudelaire & Orchestra Out Now Via  SussanaSonata

Really like the way this tune builds itself. Thoughts?


Lathe Of Heaven – Ekpyrosis

Bound By Naked Signs Out September 1 Via Sacred Bones

Synth driven punk, steam punk?


Augustus Muller - Fur And Metal

Cellulosed Bodies - Original Score Out September 1 Via Nude Club

Pushing the limits of how much fun you can have with your clothes on, wait this is a music blog right?


Art Feynman - Desperately Free

Be Good The Crazy Boys Out October 10 Via Western Vinyl

Weird, but not too weird. Also, bongos!


Pip Blom & Personal Trainer - Kiss Me By The Candlelight

Bobbie Out October 20 Via Heavenly Recordings

No kissing on the lips, but aural is a-o-k.


McKowski & Howe Gelb - Return of Pygmy Pony

Notes From The Boneyard Out September 15 Via Delta Sonic

A great visualiser, or the soundtrack for a yawning afternoon on the porch in your favourite rocking chair.


Poolside, Vansire - Float Away

Blame It All On Love Out October 20 Via Counter Records

Get carried away with this sexy ditty.


Blondshell – Kiss City

Blondshell Out Now Via Partisan Records

A stripped back and disarming tune where the message, and lyrics, are crystal clear.


Will Butler + Sister Squares – Arrow of Time

Will Butler + Sister Squares Out September 22 Via Merge Records

Weird description, but I could see myself really enjoying this tune on my way to work. A good, on the way to work tune.







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