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  • Written by  Captain Stavros





Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Sir Chloe – Know Better

I Am The Dog Out May 19th Via Atlantic Records

A well produced and smooth single. Super listenable.


Dream Wife – Orbit

Social Lubrication Out June 9th Via Lucky Numbers Records

A discoy dance tune ready to get your toes tapping.


Skinny Pelembe – Deadman Deadman Deadman

Hardly The Same Snake Out April 28th Via Partisan Records

Another solid track from this dude, flexing his ability to stay fresh and provide variety with a popy jingle.


Nadine Khouri – Song of a Caged Bird

Another Life Out now, new single out May 19th Via Talitres

Wow, where’s this one been hiding? A moody and pleasant tune.


Lea Sen – Again

You of Now Pt II Out Now Via Partisan Records

A witchy track.


Feral Family – Topic

A tinge of dreary tone in this moody flowy tune.


Eyes of Others – Once, Twice, Trice

Eyes of Others – Out May 19th Via Heavenly Recordings

A compelling track, great for introspection or coworking spaces


Grian Chatten – The Score

Out Now Via Partisan Records

Never been a fan of F DC but credit where credit’s due. This is a {/youtube}beautiful track.


Crumb – Dust Bunny

Crumb tease us with a few bread crumbs which’ll hopefully be leading to a new album. This has ‘90s themes woven throughout and we love it.



Thom Southern – Love HZ

Out Now Via Mighty Good Leader

We can see the song becoming a regular favourite the more we hear it, it grows quickly adding layers.


PJ Harvey – A Child’s Question, August

I Inside The Old Year Dying Out July 7th Via Partisan Records

From the first bars it’s an instant like from us. If you haven’t seen PJ Harvey live, she will not disappoint.


Current Affairs – Right Time

Off the Tongue Out July 14th Via Tough Love Records

Anyone else getting Sleater Kinney vibes?


The Early Purple – Big Mistake

Summer Hide Out May 12th

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Derby Friday – Hot Love (Boy Harsher Remix)

Good Luck Out Now Via Sub Pop Records

Boy Harsher’s Midas touch in full effect.


Mamalarky – Mote Controller

Pocket Fantasy Out Now Via Fire Records

Approachable and weird.


Cable Ties – Change

All Her Plans Out June 23rd Via Merge Records

Signature vocals on consistently awesome tunes.



A Man Called Adam – The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart

The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart Out May 26th Digitally and July 21st Vinyl Via Other Records

Deconstructed disco.


Monogram – Topic

A Fine Commitment Out June 16th Via Papercup Music

The algorithm set Tom Waits’ Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You to play after Topic. That says it all for us.


Egyptian Blue – Matador

EP Out Now Via Yala Records

Not sure about this one, there’s something about it but does it get you seeing red? Let us know.


Sweeping Promises – Eraser

Coming For You Out June 30th Via Sub Pop Records

Low Fi Noise, thumbs up!


Mong Tong – Forest Show

Tao Fire Out June 30th Via GuruGuru Brian Records

So cool, maybe too cool, are we even allowed to listen to this?


Witch – Unimvwesh Shuga

Zango Out June 2nd Via Desert Daze Sound

Hanna Tembo’s vocals on this bombastic track are a solid homage to Nana Love


John – Trauma Mosaic

Out Now Via Brace Yourself and Pets Care Records

Nuts and bolts rock, does what it says on the tin


Memorials – Boudicaaa

Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb Out May 12th Via State51 Conspiracy Records

As fun as it is disruptive.


Girl and Girl – All I see

Just signing to Sub Pop Girl and Girl are touring through Europe in May, catchem if you can.

Great breakup song.


Yowl – Verile Crocodile Sweat

Touring this Autumn, signed to Clue Records

Fun song and terrifying video, have a great day kids!


Mellt – Ceisio

Out Now Via CLWB Music

Holy smokes I cannot understand a word they’re singing but I love hearing it.


Bush Tetras – Things I Put Together

They Live In My Head Out July 28th Via Wharf Cat Records

Roadhouse rock, instant classic.




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