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Singles That Mingle 20230313

  • Written by  Captain Stavros

 Singles That Mingle


Captain Stavros picks exceedingly good tunes!



Sir Chloe


 I Am The Dog out May 19 Via Atlantic Records

 No idea who this high-octane-thriller was until today, someone up there must know though cause she’s currently touring with Beck and Phoenix!




Murray A. Lightburn

 ‘Once Upon A Time In Montreal’

 Once Upon a Time In Montreal out March 31 Via Dangerbird Records

Since our last instalment of STM, MAL’s put out another put together track from his upcoming LP.



David Kitt

 ‘Till The End’

 Idiot Check out March 31 via RE:Warm

 A solid piece of deep musical magic. This track strikes a perfect balance between dark and light.



The Paper Kites

‘The Sweet Sound Of You’

Following a sold-out tour and a cold-snap here in the UK why not warm up with these Sweet Sound? 3.7k Thumbs up on YouTube and zero thumbs down, easy to hear why.



‘When You Know Why you’re Happy’

Cuntry Covers Vol 2 out now via Sub-Pop

Another solid cuntry cover with sax appeal.


Heather Woods Broderick


Labrynth out April 7 Via Western Vinyl

A slowburner that demands patience but rewards with satisfaction.


Nuha Ruby Ra

‘6 In The Morning’

Machine EP out March 17 via Brace Yourself Records

Wow, fuck-yes, real ‘Warriors’ theme to it.


Skinny Pelembe

‘Don’t Be Another’

Hardly The Same Snake out April 28 via Partisan Records

Another quality cut proving the last one was just luck.


Mandy Indiana

‘Pinking Shears’

I’ve Seen A Way out May 19 via Fire Talk Records

Doesn’t really strike a chord with me but I can see the appeal of weirdness, and French.


Le Couleur


A set it and forget it inoffensive track.


Olivia Jean


Raving Ghost out May 5 via Third Man Records

Wow, this one, straight out the fucking gate.

Teenage Dads

‘Goodbye, Goodbye Again’

Midnight Driving out now via Chugg Music

A softer tune to keep you company on your midnight driving.






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