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  • Written by  Captain Stavros




Singles That Mingle


‘Hurt Like No Hurt’

Out now via Yova Music

Maybe steer clear of this vid if it’s a full moon out.


JW Francis

‘Going Home To A Party’

Dream House Out now via Sunday Best Recordings

A bit weird and wonderful, easy on the ole noodle.


Frankie Rose

‘Love As Projection' & ‘Sixteen Ways’

Love as a Projection out March 10 via Night School Records

One to look out for, combining the best elements of ‘80s New Wave


Debby Friday

‘So Hard To Tell’

Good Luck out March 24 via Sub Pop

Somewhere between a dream and a nightmare.


Ist Ist

‘Something Has To Give’

Protagonists out March 31, via Kind Violence Records

Keeping it consistent with another banger.


Kate Davis

‘Monster Mash'

Fish Bowl out March 24 on Anti Records

When you want more than being left for dead, Monster Mash



'Breaking Up'

Debut album, everything, out now on Fire Talk

Hop on over to gnaw on this new track which as usual hits the mark consistently.


Hotel Lux

'Points Of View'

Hands across the creek out Jan 27 via The State51 Conspiracy

Dunno, feels like it’s honest. Near breathlessly sung.


Lonnie Holley

‘Oh Me Oh My’

Out March 10 via Jagjaguwar. Also announced as part of the ‘Souls Grown Deep…’ exhibition at The Royal Academy, London, opening March 17

A slowburner, worth the wait.


Death Valley Girls


Islands in the Sky Out Feb 24 via Suicide Squeeze Records

At the rate these lot are putting out music they’ll be giving Ty Segall/King Gizzard a run for their money.




Food for Worms out Feb 24 via Dead Oceans

This track went wha wha wha all the way home.




Out now via Papercup Music

Sometimes you just need a few bars to get hooked, this is one of those times.


Murray A. Lightburn

‘Dumpster Gold’

Via Dangerbird Records

A deeply personal and warming farewell tribute to a patriarch.


London Brew

A new album inspired by Miles Davis' Bitches Brew

Out march 31 via Concord Jazz

If you’re not drinking the Kool-Aid you might as well gulp down the Bitches Brew.




Out March 31 via Joyful Noise

Feel like practising your Japanese whilst simultaneously losing your mind and having a nervous breakdown to a beat? Gotcha covered!




‘Euphoric Recall’ out April 28 via Secret City Records

Great tune to give you brain a tickle with, fun visuals too.


Mary Elizabeth Remington

‘Dresser Hill’

‘In Embudo’ out February 10, via Loose Music

This just dropped on our radar, wish we had a rocking chair and a southern patio to really lap in the experience. The gentle hiss on the track’ll have to do, for now.


McKinley Dixon

'Tyler, Forever'

Out now via City Slang Records

Great horns on this track.


Skinny Pelembe

‘Oh, Silly George’

No time to explain, just listen to this! Touring the UK @ The Social on the 25th.



‘Already Forgotten’

New EP out now

Finding a sublime equilibrium between the malevolent and the majestic


Index For Working Musik


Dragging The Needlework For The Kids At Uphole Out February 17 via Tough Love

Wavy surfy sullen track, and 2 upcoming tour dates in London. You’re welcome!


Cable Ties

‘Perfect Client’

Out now via Merge Records

Great getaway music.


Alex Lahey

‘Good Time’

The Answer is Always Yes Out May 19 via Liberation Records

I want a good time not a long time, okay we’re hooked.


Michael J Benjamin

‘The Deal Has Long Gone Down’

This dudes voice, un-real, ride off into the sunset with it.


Grandma's House


Who Am I? Out March 3 via Brace Yourself Records

Over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house we go







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