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Singles That Mingle 20220907

  • Written by  Captain Stavros


A brand new selection from our resident pop-picker, Captain Stavros, who says, “These past 2 STM lists have been my favourite to compile in recent memory, we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you”. Amen, brother!


Drug Dealer

‘Someone To Love’

Hiding In Plain Sight -Out October 28 via Mexican Summer Records


It took me exactly 5 seconds to fall in love with this song.




‘How To Be’

Out Now via Sad Club Records


Not a bad first single, stripped back and smooth easy listening.




‘TV Dinners’

Still Life – Out October 14 via Marathon Artists


Usually when you hear the word leak, it’s a wet mess, but ALASKALASKA keep leaking singles and they’re a hot mess.



Tan Cologne

‘Space in the Palms’

Earth Visions of Water Spaces Out September 9 via Labrador Records


If you like Holy Motors this Western inspired track will not disappoint. Playing in London on the 16th.






Out 2023…...whatever that means.


I’d heard of Fidlar but never heard anything from Fidlar. Almost certain we’re to old to listen to this but there were elements of Rage Against the Machine in it that were undeniable so, here you go.



Tropical Fuck Storm


Out Now via Joyful Noise


Would love to catch their September 30 gig @ 9294 but will be out of the UK, anyone wanna review it? If their set is anything like this single it’ll be righteous AF.



China Steps

‘American Life’


First a wall, now steps? No complaints here, makes it even easier to get on board with this quiet but absolutely lovely track.



The Soft Moon


Exister Out September 23 via Sacred Bones


Dark wave beats at their most anxiety inducing.



Grandma’s House


Out Now via Brace Yourself Records


This track is on amphetamines.



The Queen’s Head

‘Tonight I Saved a Life’

Out Now


If a voice could have swagger, music’s nothing to sneer at either.



Blossom Caldarone

‘The Princess Song’


If Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette had a baby whilst on acid.




‘Junk in Orbit’

Out Now via Trickwork


A track that’s out of this world but far from junk.



Peel Dream Magazine


Pad Out October 7 via Tough Love Records


A staccato ditty.



Alex Lahey


Out Now via Liberation Records


Fun and Poppy, touring now!




‘Literary Mind’

Out Now Via Nice Swan Records


Doesn’t take a Poindexter to figure out this is a solid track with great vocals.



The Orielles


Tableu – Out October 7 Via Heavenly Records


I once had a vegetarian sausage eating contest with Henry from the Orielles, low-key brag. High-Key brag the evolution of their music is mind-bending and amazing.



Dawn Richard and Spencer Zahn


Pigments Out October 21 Via Merge Records


Here’s a beautiful instrumental to round-off the list. These past 2 STM lists have been my favourite to compile in recent memory, we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing them to you.








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