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Son Lux Rework ‘The Fool You Need’

Son Lux, the LA and NY-based band of Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang, have shared ‘The Fool You Need’, a redux of the single from their latest album, Brighter Wounds, released in February 2018 via City Slang.

Revisiting and reincarnating their own songs has been part of the Son Lux project since its inception, and ‘The Fool You Need’ is the latest in that tradition. The new track unwinds in unexpected turns, with lurching drums and serpentine synths giving way to haunting choir and slithering guitars. It comes accompanied by the original music video.

The follow-up to 2015's exultant and explosive LP, Bones, Brighter Wounds finds Son Lux transformed all over again. This fifth album marks another fundamental shift as Lott leaves universal themes behind to write from a personal perspective: while making these songs, he became a father and lost a family member to cancer. Days of "firsts" were also days of "lasts," and the normal fears of first-time parenthood were compounded by a frightening new reality — Lott's son was born shortly after Election Day 2016. These songs draw on all of that: warm reflections of a fading past, the pain of still-present loss, and a mix of anxiety and hope for a future promised to none.




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