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Bullet Girl - Post-Atomic Youth

  • Written by  Marky Edison


This debut single from Dublin’s Bullet Girl is a noisy, three minute, pop punk romp. It’s the type of song that sounds superficially easy, but the dearth of quality tunes like this one in our inbox suggests that it is more difficult than it may appear.

The lyrics are generic, rebellious teen doggerel but Aaron Doyle delivers them with a raw conviction. The quality of the music and the viciously honed assault of the production overcome Bullet Girl’s lyrical shortcomings. The satisfyingly overdriven riffs hurtle along at high speed, while Dylan Keenan’s lead guitar screeches a dissonant countermelody during the verses. The syncopated harmonics sound like Steve Albini’s guitar committing self-harm with Tom Morello’s pedalboard.

The video ticks all the aggropunk boxes, with the band performing in an urban wasteland setting, graffiti art, and a gang of masked youths marching with fists raised. The song doesn’t end as much as it explodes in a riotous cacophony of atomisation, like Slayer raining blood in their thrash heyday.

Bullet Girl sound like cousins of Southend’s Asylums. It’s the creativity of the instrumentation, and the shrill, hyper-real tone of the recording that make ‘Post Atomic Youth’ stand out. The band have successfully captured their ferocious live sound on a record; something few acts can boast. And for a debut single, that is an achievement in itself.


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