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Crumbs - Cha Cha Feels

  • Written by  Becky Mahon

Leeds/York based post-punk foursome Crumbs certainly know how to get your feet moving with their latest track ‘Cha Cha Feels’ taken from their debut album, Mind Yr Manners. The track is a pop-infused jam with a funky bassline that would have Les Claypool himself nodding his head in approval.

Despite its name the song doesn’t quite give you the cha cha feel, however, it certainly makes you want to bop and hand jive like it's 1955. The repetitive lyrics which, sung by Ruth Gilmore, carry such strength and confidence that you don’t even care that they are repetitive. Lyrically the song isn’t strong but it does mean that you find yourself singing along to it after one play, a dead give away is that the track is then trapped in your head. Whether this is intentional or not, it works to Crumbs’ advantage.

The originality heard in their demo EP sadly isn’t as apparent on this track, and the underwhelming production could be the reason for that. The vocals sit slightly above the instrumentation giving a sense of a separation of sound between the vocals and the rest of the band. However, it is clear that the track would be phenomenal to watch live. Despite the flaws in the production, the debut track from Mind Yr Manners is a post-punk party that brings summer vibes that make you want to grab yourself a cheeky pint and a burger in the sunshine. 

Check 'Cha Cha Feels' out via their Bandcamp.

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