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Musos' Guide Interviews Coro Fire

  • Written by  Marky Edison

Coro Fire release their first EP Once A Chore on Friday. The two-piece band from Perth, Australia consists of long-time friends Nick Cook on guitar/lead vocals and Adam Scott on drums. Once A Chore consists of four tracks drawing influences from a large variety of musical genres and bands. The EP was recorded over three months by Nick at his home studio in Perth, and mixed/mastered by Shane White, a close friend of his and an experienced audio engineer.

The duo began jamming together in 2015 after becoming inspired seeing a band at a live music event in Brisbane. Their first songs were written on a couple of acoustic guitars before Adam transitioned to drums and purchased a kit. In early 2016, the two settled on their band name, and Nick began writing and recording demos under Coro Fire.

Since releasing their first track ‘West End’ to the internet in September, the duo has been working hard on their debut EP. Nick and Adam rarely break from writing and recording new material. They each have their own unique approach to song writing, which when combined proves to be very effective chemistry.

Skyping across the globe, the first thing Musos’ Guide notices is Nick’s avatar, “What’s with Ainsley Harriott?” The pair are close friends and rib each other constantly, “Go on Nick,” needles Adam, “Everyone wants to know!”. “I’m a massive fan of Ainsley.” insists Nick, “He’s a great chef. He’s a great inspiration for me. I hope that didn’t mislead you, I’m not really a good looking black man”.  “We’re going to write a song about him down the track” adds Adam.

The chemistry between them is obvious, “We’re long-time mates. We met when I first moved to The Gold Coast in Western Australia when I was about ten. We’re 23 now so it’s been a while. We went to school together. After that we went and did our own thing. We caught up and went to see a band, we got really inspired. We’ve always been very musically minded. I played guitar for as long as I can remember. We initially were going to do a two guitar thing but then Adam said “How about I transition to drums?", and bought a drum kit.” It wasn’t that long ago either so it’s pretty impressive, what he’s done. So we became a two-piece band about a year ago.”

Adam hadn’t even played drums up until then. “Not until about this time last year. I only moved over to Perth about a month and a half ago. We never had time to practice together. We were on opposite sides of the country. So I decided to make a move and we’ve been practicing non-stop to get our set tight”.

“We had written a couple of songs that are in our current set list”, Nick takes up the backstory, “The style changed quite a bit when we decided to become a two piece because obviously the original idea was that me and Adam would both be on guitar and have another bass player and drummer. It took a long time, a lot of experimenting, to get the sound right. We use two amps; a bass amp and a guitar amp. I split my signal between both. The bass amp takes care of the low frequencies and the guitar does its regular job. We kick the bass amp on and off with a pedal so we can bring it in and out. When it kicks in it makes this massive sound. We were really pleased when we got it to work.”

You can really feel the two amps on their recent single, ‘AMD Cramp’ (more information here). “We haven’t played that live yet. We will be playing it in a few weeks and we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes. It’s gonna be sick. It’s gonna sound awesome, I think.” The two-piece set up is increasingly popular, with the likes of The Bonnevilles and Royal Blood doing it. “They’re a big influence. We’re both massive fans of Royal Blood, and DZ Death Rays from Brisbane. They’ve the same sort of set up but they use guitar where Royal Blood use the bass. It’s the same fundamental principle at the end of the day”.

Neither of them have history in bands but both have played solo, to varying degrees of exposure. “I play acoustic solo gigs playing covers”, says Nick, “So I have that behind me but, in terms of playing with a band, it was a totally new field for both of us but we're really enjoying it and having a mad time at the moment. Just gigging as much as we can.” For Adam, it’s a baptism of fire, playing live on a new instrument, “The first time was quite nerve wracking. There were quite a few people at those gigs. Apart from that, the only time I'd played live was playing some nice Beatles covers in front of mums and dads.”

They’ll be gigging a lot more now with Once A Chore coming out on Friday. They’ve two singles out already. It’s been a productive year for them. “It’s gone really quick. The two singles are on there; ‘West End’ and ‘AMD Cramp’. They’re two very different songs. ‘West End’ was written when I went to visit Adam in Brisbane. We spent a lot of time in the West End and got inspired for the riff while walking around and we went home and recorded it. ‘AMD Cramp’ was one of the original demos that I wrote a year ago. There are two other songs. One is awesome and catchy. The last one is quite heavy. It’s a dark sort of song. We’ll see what people think. We're looking forward to getting the response and getting feedback on it.”

“The EP is out on Friday. It’s on Spotify and iTunes. Go ahead and stream it. I hope anyone who sees this will pick it up and listen to it from start to finish. It’s meant to be a journey that it takes you on. I love nothing more than sitting down with a brew and listening to an album from start to finish. I love a long album. We'll do that eventually. We've enough songs for an album now but one step at a time.”

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