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A Chat With Anna Pancaldi

  • Written by  Katherine Rippon


Anna Pancaldi may not be a name you are immediately familiar with, but her voice will resonate with you instantly. Her new single 'Brother' is one the most open and honest songs we have ever heard: simple, stunning and ever so moving. After listening to it, we were compelled to have a chat with the travelling songstress.

MG: Hi Anna! 'Brother' is the new single from your third EP. The song itself is very personal. Do you get daunted by being so honest with your audience?

AP: It's a real evolution from everything I have released before, as I grow and learn more about my craft and how to express myself through music. That, for me, is exciting and I hope my fans can hear that. If I am completely honest, I wrote 'Brother' in a few minutes when sat at a piano while I was recording this EP and knew that I wanted to release it without taking a moment to think about how exposed I had been within the song. As the date drew closer I have felt nervous about how truthful I have been and still am. But I hope this can really speak to those who have lost on all levels of that word.

MG: The release goes against the flow of the modern mid-tempo single, was that a conscious decision?

AP: There were no conscious decisions [made] about this song. I think I really needed to get this out of my subconscious and unlike so many of my songs which take a lot more time to complete, this almost fell out as if it needed to be written. I just feel differently about this one, it's hard to describe.

MG: You have spoken of your key influences, including Joni Mitchell and Judy Garland. Do you wish you had been an artist in a different era?

AP: I adore them, people who speak truths and sing with such passion that it stays etched on your being throughout your life and you can't help but re-visit them always. I wish I could have seen so many of the legends play and create during other eras and yes, I do feel we have lost something truly special within our industry these days.

MG: In terms of your contemporaries, who inspires you?

AP: In terms of music out now that I'm really enjoying, it would have to be a guy I just came across called Ethan Gruska (wonderfully talented and
about to release his first album soon), Leon Bridges and Michael Kiwanuka.

MG: The last year has seen you spend a lot of time of the road. What have you learnt from your tourmates?

AP: I love being on tour and have been lucky enough to go play with dear friends too in Europe, the US and the UK. A wonderful artist Jake Isaac, who you should all check out, has taught me so many things; from how to give the best to your audience even as a support act, to play like you're headlining, do things people don't expect you too (like jumping out into the crowd and playing unplugged), and make them [the audience] remember you. And just seeing him rise in success, his work ethic and commitment, have taught we so much by just observing.

MG: Which do you prefer, writing or recording?

AP: Writing, it's the most honest moment when you're alone with your thoughts and creating something. When the business side of this career and everything else fade away and you're simply finding a way to describe all the things that make you you.

MG: Lastly, if you could achieve one thing in 2017, what would it be?

AP: To secure some bigger funding for my music career and push things forward even more.


Anna is touring the UK in March, staring in Eyemouth on the 4th and ending in Brighton on the 27th. You can find out more about live dates, current and upcoming releases, on Anna's website

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