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Electra Day - Big Sky

  • Written by  Julia Lamb

Iowa-based Electra Day is a folk singer-songwriter whose music strips down to the age-old simple pairing of an acoustic guitar and a story to be told. Organic and spiritual, her latest album Quiet Hours recounts the lessons learned from a life of travel. The woman behind the project, Julie Hampton tells tales of an 11-year span in which she moved from Berlin, Germany to the Mojave Desert, to British Columbia to Northern New Mexico to Iowa in the Midwest of the US. 

The album’s lead single is titled ‘Big Sky’. Atop a delicately picked guitar, Hampton sings:

“Home, that’s never been a place for me/A person, a house or any form. It’s the infinite blue into which I am absorbed/And out of which I am reborn”.

‘Big Sky’ is a song of reflection, both inner and outer. Hampton’s voice is immediately reminiscent of Patti Smith with its honesty and rawness, and her lyrics are akin to those of Joni Mitchell – powerfully illustrative and poetically insightful. The song doesn’t move in many different directions; instead it flows calm and meditatively, but Electra Day’s voice is endearing and enchanting enough to hold your quiet attention throughout the song’s six and a half minutes.

‘Big Sky’ is refreshing in its utter stillness, and serves as a much-needed moment of tranquil reflection in an ever-hectic world.

'Big Sky' is available from iTunes.

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