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von Konow - Cosmic

  • Written by  Julia Lamb


Helsinki is a breeding ground for eccentric creatives who think outside the box, and the city’s latest offering is no exception. Solo artist von Konow has crafted a sound with art rock and synth-pop in its fabric, drawing inspiration from the likes of David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Nick Cave. 

His latest single is aptly titled ‘Cosmic’. At once feeling like a time warp back to the ‘80s and a step into the future of art rock, the track is a melting point of both the past and present:

“I want to believe I have no other need/Can’t you see I’m to be a dreamer all my life”

Cosmic’s opening line paints a vibrant picture of the artist behind the words. Marko von Konow, the man behind the musical moniker, sings with a sense of ambition and theatricality that is immediately reminiscent of the late David Bowie. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the song soon bursts into an upbeat, synth-laden chorus with cheesy harmonies to top off it’s retro aesthetic. 

Where ‘Cosmic’ takes a departure from the ‘80s is during its second verse, with a soft rock beat and U2-esque arpeggiating electric guitar. The change is unexpected but still manages to feel fitting, revealing von Konow’s complex identity as an artist. From then on the track only grows, indulging in a myriad of different sounds and textures to create an art-rock atmosphere of arena proportions. 

‘Cosmic’ is available via iTunes and is lifted from von Konow’s upcoming album ‘Lieder’, which is out in the new year. 

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