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Apothek announce debut LP alongside new track

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Apothek have revealed a release date for their debut LP, with lead single ‘Invited’ available to stream online now.

The self-title debut will hit the shelves on Friday September 30 via Propeller Recordings and features previous singles ‘Family’, ‘Waiting For The Thunder’ and ‘Reunion’.

Talking about the new single ‘Invited’, band member Nils Martin Larsen said: “The chorus for ‘Invited’ was originally meant for a different project but at some point, we started playing around with it during an Apothek session and realised we had to use it.”

You can listen to ‘Invited’ now below:


Apothek Tracklisting
1. Roaring
2. Waiting For The Thunder
3. Family
4. Inheritance
5. Reunion
6. Departure
7. Invited
8. Leave
9. The Pulse

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