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Folk Pop Duo Fond of Rudy Release Live Video for New Single Move On Now

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Describing themselves as South Eastern Calypso Pop, Brighton boys Fond of Rudy bring home the description with this track off their new EP One. 

Taken from said EP, 'Move On Now ' is like listening to butter melt, watching the tangerine sun set on an impossibly perfect beach somewhere far from reality.  

Thanks to its paired guitars and upbeat melodies, this soft meditative love-themed song is gentle, yet busy enough to get you dancing - with a slow build up that seems to convey both the frustration and depth of feeling conveyed in the lyrics. The drumming builds from simple cymbals to a slow march that steadily emerges. A lot is going on here, even though it comes across as very subtle -' Move On Now ' is a definitive summer grower.



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