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Dreadzone Announced as Headliners for Undercover Festival IV

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Undercover Festival has announced Dreadzone as the headline act for the Saturday of their 2 day festival at Brighton Racecourse.

Saturdays line up will also have the likes of: Sonic Boom Six, Spear of Destiny, Eddie & The Hotrods, XSLF (X Stiff Little Fingers), Radical Dance Faction, Spizzenergi, Anti Pasti, The Cravats, Witchdoktors, 1919, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Dragster, Church of Eon, Piranhas 4, Pints, Mick O’Toole, Rage DC, Emergency Bitter, Knock Off, Skaciety, Vikki Vortex & The *** S***s, R.E.D, Archive45, Punka, plus many other bands including a host of emerging local bands and much more over three stages.

Festival Organiser Mick Moriarty said: “We are really pleased to be able to welcome Dreadzone who headlined our very first night on our very first festival back to Undercover Festival as our headline act on Sat 10th Sept 2016”.

This year’s Undercover Festival has moved to Brighton Racecourse and is once again held ‘undercover’ so you won’t have to worry about September showers.

The festival prides itself on taking an independent and grassroots approach to things.

Mick Moriarty said: “We believe the usual run-of-the-mill festivals tend to book bands that in the main are broadly similar – and way too safe! We try for a line up and experience that is something different and appeals to a crowd not catered for elsewhere.

“Being a small independent grassroots festival is tough because media attention is always on the big boys. But we’ve got through to our fourth year and we’re going strong because what we have created really has struck a chord with people who like their music raw and full of the passion and energy that only acts like ours generate.”

Undercover Festival IV tales place Friday September 9 and Saturday 10 2016. For more information, the full line-up and tickets for the festival click here.

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