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Scruff of the Neck Presents ... - 20160215

  • Written by  Dave Beech


For your entertainment at the start of another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Thing – 'Carousel'

Stockport might not be the first place you think of when it comes to psychedelia, but four-piece Thing are doing all within their power to change that. 'Carousel' is three and a half minutes of heady psych; heavy on the reverb and ever in danger of collapsing in on its own fragile mental state. Excellent.


Still Life – 'Drain

Another band that subscribes to the grungey school of thought that's so quintessentially Leeds, Still Life are a band who's influences are worn proudly on their plaid sleeves. 'Drain' is a nostalgic throwback to the '90s, with slacker rock and emo influences wound tightly together in to what proves to be an explosively emotive cut.


Where Fires Are – 'They Are The Enemy'

Though from Leeds, Where Fires Are offer up a more polished, frenetically-driven brand of alt rock; their incendiary live shows serving to bolster an arsenal of already-anthemic proportions. 'They Are The Enemy' is slightly softer than other tracks on offer, but its soaring chorus and meandering guitar licks make for something truly special.


Richard Lomax – 'Hotel X'

Fusing folky americana with elements of light psych, Richard Lomax is one of Manchester's most talented singer-songwriters. Drawing from influences as diverse as Bjork and Kurt Vonnegut, there's elements of the avant-garde at play, something manifest in the rich instrumentation of 'Hotel X'.


Dirty Vertebrae – 'Burial'

Genre-benders and appreciators of a good up-stroke, Cheshire's Dirty Vertebrae refuse to adhere to the genre stereotypes, and instead have created a rich cocktail of punk, ska, metal and hip-hop. Coming off somewhere between Sonic Boom Six and the Assorted Jellybeans, 'Burial' is a punchy and upbeat number that never takes itself too seriously while challenging you not to dance.


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