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Eagles Of Death Metal, Olympia Theatre, Dublin

  • Written by  Marky Edison

Eagles Of Death Metal play their first headline show in Ireland in six years tonight and it is a masterclass in entertainment. Their last show here was in the Academy. This time they have sold out the Olympia Theatre.

The latest album, Zipper Down, has just come out and it’s a fine addition to their canon. When the lights go down the roar that greets the band shakes the jelly in your eyes. ‘Magic’ by Pilot rings out through the PA and Jesse Hughes, dressed in a red cape, covers every inch of the stage making exaggerated Hulk Hogan gestures to the crowd as they sing along.

It’s pure pantomime but he wins over the entire crowd without playing a note. He sheds his cape, dons his glasses, and takes a moment to fix his hair and smooth his handlebar moustache. The audience are eating out of his hand before he even approaches the microphone to kick off the show with ‘I Only Want You’

He oozes charisma and makes sure to include every attendee in his performance. He nearly climbs into the boxes at either side of the stage to sing to them. The man is hypnotic, possibly the best frontman I’ve ever seen. One song in and the crowd are chanting his name between songs.

He takes on the mantle of a rock 'n' roll preacher. This must be what it was like to see Freddie Mercury in his prime. They crank out all the big songs covering all four of their albums. On record the band are good but it’s onstage that the songs really come to life. EoDM play the audience masterfully and express their admiration for both the crowd and the ornate décor of the theatre.

When they return to the stage for the encore, Jesse plays a few solo covers before the band return. Then he finally does appear in one of the boxes to play a guitar duel with Darling Davey. He is flanked by two tiny women, and two large men who appear to be Mundy and Steve Wall.

One more song and they’re gone. Leaving us hoarse from the screaming, sweating, wanting more, underwear hanging from the lampshade. And they didn’t even call us a taxi.

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