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Anna von Hausswolff Releases New Track Just Weeks Before New LP

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In just under two weeks until the release of her new album The Miraculous on Friday November 13, Anna von Hausswolff has released a new track via City Slang.

’An Oath’ shows off Von Hausswolff's startlingly powerful vocals and sets against a backdrop of galloping drums and swelling atmospherics. You can listen to it now below:


In The Miraculous, Hausswolff draws on memories and stories her parents told her about a place their family loved to visit. To which she still visits to this day, even if only in her mind.

The Miraculous will be released on City Slang in Europe except Scandinavia, where it will be released through Haussoff’s own label, Pomperipossa Records. Anna will perform in London on Tuesday December 8 at the Oslo

The Miraculous track-list:

1. Discovery

2. The hope only of empty men

3. Pomperipossa

4. Come wander with me / Deliverance

5. En ensam vandrare

6. An Oath

7. Evocation

8. The Miraculous

9. Stranger


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