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Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160905

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For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Release – 'The Inevitable'

Kicking proceedings off this week are Stoke-based alt-rockers Release, and their latest single 'The Inevitable'. Back-boned by a rolling bassline and punctuated by a muted lead guitar and an almost spoken vocal delivery through the verses, it feels more downtrodden than previous offerings from the band and as such feels noticeably matured.

The Limited – 'Come On'

Something a little more upbeat from somewhere further South, East London's The Limited relish in a brand of indie-funk that's impossible not to move to. 'Come On' is the first track from the band's most recent EP Small Talk and benefits from familiar and fluid guitar licks and a thick bass. Great stuff.

Factory – 'Dynamite'

Hailing from Runcorn, Factory draw influence from both the Scouse psych of Liverpool, and the heady sounds of '90s Manchester, something especially evident in latest single 'Dynamite'. Loose,  tripped out guitars run riot against a backdrop of clattering cymbals, while a sleek vocal provides the track with a nostalgic air.

Larkins – 'Velvet'

Arguably one of Manchester's most promising new bands, Larkins' effortless ability to combine funk, blues and indie-pop has won them a legion of fans in a short space of time. 'Velvet' is the band's latest single, pairing a moody, sporadic bass with shimmering guitars and propulsive percussion; the tracks brooding nature offset by the consummate ease of its delivery.

Colour Of Spring – 'Snow'

Ambitious, encompassing, and dazzling pretty, all words to describe the latest single from Leeds shoegazers Colour Of Spring. Much like its namesake, understated guitars shimmer softly before erupting in to huge walls of noise and a cacophonous crescendo, belied in turn by the track's intial calmness. Stunning.


Scruff of the Neck Presents ... - 20160314

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For your entertainment at the start of another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Puppet Rebellion – 'Fragments'

One of Manchester most promising current acts, five-piece Puppet Rebellion have been doing the rounds for a couple of years now, slowly amassing a legion of fans, bolstering their arsenal of tracks in the process. Most recent single 'Fragments' sees the band taking a softer and more refined approach to their songcraft, offering up a more mature side to the band than previous singles.

Indian Summer – 'A Perfect Heir'

Split between Coventry and Manchester, Indian Summer's brand of woozy indie-pop is breathing new air in to the genre's tired lungs. 'A Perfect Heir' is a cerebral pop number that uses traditional indie-pop as its jumping-off point before the vocals float effortlessly upwards above the rich and woozy instrumentation.


Femur – 'Bedangled'

Such is Femur's appreciation for all things '90s, that rather settle on any one genre, the band instead fuse the decade's more prominent alternative sounds in to snarling amalgamation of shoegaze, grunge and post-punk. 'Bedangled' lends itself more to the latter; it's rumbling bass and reverbed vocal hooks a definite product of their post-punk influences. A band to keep an eye on.


Release – 'Neat Seat'

Can Rage Against The Machine do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke? Probably. But we know for a fact that Release can. A Combination of distinctly British indie rock, with a hip-hop twist, the band are one of Stoke's most promising acts, no small feat given the strength of the city's scene. 'Neat Seat' bristles with punk bite and bile while still manages to retain its indie roots.


Arbourdecks – 'Weekend'

Coming across as the love child of The Strokes and Catfish And The Bottlemen, Arbourdecks are stripping indie back to its debased garage rock roots, and they're all the better for it. 'Weekend' is a punchy indie anthem that plays with its pacing to create a punchy and upbeat track that wears its heart on its sleeve and keep its listeners on their toes.


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