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Singles That Mingle 20211207

Laura May Carter – ‘Blue’s Not My Colour’ 

Mini Album Out Now 


We once threw back a few shots of tequila with Laura May Carter at the Lexington and then proceeded to destroy Steven (BRS Bandmate) and his partner at a savage game of Foosball. Do not mess with her, do listen to her tunes. 


Drug Couple – ‘Our December’ 

Stoned Weekend – Out January 28th 


Honestly, the name got us, then we released it was December, kismet. We stuck around for the stripped back tones though. 


Boy Harsher – ‘Give Me a Reason’ 

January 21st Album Release 


If after all this time we haven’t given you enough reasons to listen to Boy Harsher, ‘Give Me a Reason’ you shouldn’t be? 


SPINN – ‘People Should Know Better’ 


Album out February 14th 

Flexin’ political chops without clubbing you over the head with them, resonates. 


Blood Red Shoes – ‘Morbid Fascination’ 

New Album January 14th 


BRS, like sharks, continue to move forward testing the bloody waters of new darker and harder sounds and thus ensure their survival. 


Hand Habits – ‘The Answer’ 

‘Fun House’ Out Now 


Elements of Elliott Smith hooked us. 


Vero - ‘Beg!’ 

Out Jan 14th 


Nostalgic and Grungy Hole vibe, hooked the second I heard the guitar intro 



Solis – ‘Sunday’ 


Hypnotic and easy to connect with. 

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Singles That Mingle 20211123



Captain Stavros brings you the hottest new singles round-up




Ist Ist - ‘The Art of Lying’



Playing at the Camden Assembly Dec 2nd, a Socialist's wet dream anthem meets a post truth world, stop me if you've heard this one before.



Sweeping Promises - ‘Pain Without a Touch’



This sounds so raw and gritty we thought it was a reissue a late 70s 100 Club session, a real live wire.




Love Object - ‘The Kill’



Got a translator handy? Have you enjoyed our coverage on Boy Harsher, Odonis Odonis, Doma and Oh Baby? Then 'Love Object' might be for you.




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Singles That Mingle 20211119



Captain Stavros brings you the hottest new singles round-up


Greta – ‘Nicht Allein’



This track is fucking dirty, that is all.




Sea Change – ‘Night Eyes’



This song absolutely drips.




Le Junk – ‘America’



One country’s trash is another’s Le Junk. A single? More like a slice of freedom pie! Pop on this proper poppy popper.




Why Bonnie – ‘Galveston’



Listen to this track for no other reason (but also because it’s great) than Blair singing howling at the moon carrying the note like a wolf cub.




Scott C. Park — ‘Slide’



Slack guitar a-la-Vile with British powered vocal tones, Pretty Pimpin’.




Blue Violet – ‘Asylum’



Sit back, kick back, listen and watch while your head and shoulders have a game of table tennis with each other.  




Jake Wakeman and the Dreamstriders – ‘Cosmic Fear’



A tongue in cheek giggle revolving around mundane anxiety, giver a whirl and shake off those mon-fri too much rice again fears


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Physical Format-20190724

This is being written on the last day of May, practically two months before it will be published, so who knows what may happen between now and then regards the Flying Vinyl singles I'm trying to offload? The Blinders' 'Rat In A Cage' went off to its new home this lunchtime and I'm fitting in the final five discs of this less than rewarding experiment at helping new acts, in before dinner.
Firstly, with one of the better bits of cover art the series has had in the past 18 months, are the duo Black Futures. Sigue Sigue Sputnik come to mind at the start of 'Tunnel Vision' but their pounding industrial sound has elements of NIN etc. as you'd expect at the mention of the i word. It bowls along at a good pace and, although a bit repetitive by the end, is definitely one of the better tunes I've heard whilst writing these pieces. The B side's just a remix of the A side and a boringly slow one at that. Facebook shows the duo to be currently very active.
Annabel Allum has a decent line in rocky singer-songwriter stuff on 'Be Mine'. Think Hazel O'Connor meets Joan Armatrading, or Courtney Barnett aping PJ Harvey for younger readers. 'Peachy Keen' (the second time in two months a song with that title has appeared) is a moodier piece of work but still has a pleasing weight and punch at times. A very accomplished double sider. Annabel's site shows she has a few gigs coming up.
Do Nothing look like young farmers at leisure in their booklet photo but apparently they inspire mosh-pits. 'Gangs' doesn't seem to be in any danger of doing that, sounding as it does like Gene or a similar second tier indie act from a couple of decades ago. 'Handshakes' displays some funky bass runs during it's couple of minutes and this is obviously where the LCD Soundsystem/Talking Heads mentions in the booklet are targeted. It's not bad but danceable rather than moshable, if a bit overlong. Facebook shows them to be doing gigs over the coming months.
Lacuna Common are also apparently in the mosh-pit business. A gruff-voiced Libertines is roughly what they sound like on 'Not The Same'. I expect they're fun live in a small venue. 'Under The Lamplight' pounds along in a similar jaunty manner to the A side. Resorting to Facebook again we see that the band round of a short tour at Truck Festival later this week.
Lastly, Chloe Bodur is who you're looking for if you're a Sade fan. 'Billie' features warped sounds but unfortunately it's also one of those discs which sound wonky to the extent that I have to check whether the turntable's suddenly decided to go slow. 'Glory' sounds perfectly normal, however, but it's in no way my sort of thing. Social media shows Chloe's still promoting 'Billie'.
And there you have it, 22 months of tunes written up over 22 weeks, with the overall conclusion that the £440 shelled out could have been better spent elsewhere. Ah well.

Physical Format-20190717

Whenyoung have The Cranberries amongst their influences, so that's already got me wary. 'Never Let Go' brings Runrig to mind. As well as Eurovision. Lighters-in-the-air stadium crowds are what their anthemic sound aspires to. Good luck to them if they reach that point. 'Future' has a musical affinity with Snow Patrol and has a more propulsive beat to its indie rock formula. The band's site shows they have a number of live dates in the UK & Europe during summer and autumn.
Tusks "formulates indie fusions" says the tongue twister in the accompanying booklet. 'Be Mine' is one of those electronic tracks which are probably better experienced live but you'd maybe still have doubts before going to the show. It also stops too soon. 'Peachy Keen' (or Peen as the booklet states) starts off rather industrially then plods along in a maudlin fashion. Tusks' site shows there is now an album out & some shows booked in Germany for mid-September.
With a name like The Blinders I was expecting a lot from the next band. Much like The Killers, however, their name's harder than their sound. This has all been done so much better before. 'Rat In A Cage' plods along and then gets into second gear for the choruses. Think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club doing one of their slower numbers. 'Nuclear Love' aims for tearjerking but who cares? The good thing is you can turn it off. The band's site shows they have a pretty full live calendar at home & abroad for the rest of the year.
Hotel Lux are coming in on the coattails of Idles, Slaves and the rest of the first wave of socially conscious lad rock that's popular just now. This lot are more like Madness though on the knees-up of 'English Disease'. 'Charades' is much the same, with a smidgen of Ian Dury added in. Facebook shows the band are still active.
Lazy Day vocalist Tilly apparently has evocative warbles. 'Tell Me' certainly shows her voice off to good effect but overall the song's not memorable. The indie quartet's second track, 'Weird Cool', sounds a bit like Sleeper (a filler album track maybe) but has nothing about it to hold your attention. The band's site shows they have a few live dates coming up in the autumn.
Whew, only one more set of discs and oddly worded booklet to wade through and then that's it for me and Flying Vinyl, other than to hopefully post out the discs which sell, say goodbye to others at the flea market or try to do something constructive with the coloured ones whilst the black discs go off to become a charity shop's problem. From the above, since originally writing the bulk of the piece, the Blinders & Hotel Lux discs have brought in a few quid so there's hope for the rest yet.

Physical Format-20190710

It appears I spoke too soon regarding the number of weeks left of this column as the May box arrived through my door yesterday (May 28th) so two more lots of waffle after this one rather than one.

In other news though the disc by Cleopatrick from a column or two ago has sold in recent days, bringing in a few £ so there's hope that some of the rest will sell yet.
This time around we begin with another Canadian duo, B.B. Except there are three names on the back of the 7" cover so maybe, a la Dream Wife, their drummer is some kind of non-person. 'Drowning' has obvious shades of L7 & Deap Vally about it, with a bit of surf twang thrown in. Streets ahead of anything similar UK Flying Vinyl acts are producing anyway. 'Nu Blue' takes the surf element a bit further. A very good start to this particular box. Facebook shows the band are doing stuff throughout 2019.
Jagara are the second band I've come across in this series who have a two tracker disc described as an EP. Hard to see how that extends things past the length of a single. Anyway, musically they're style is yearning, angsty electro-pop. 'Twice' and 'Real Love' are pretty formulaic, Radio 1-friendly numbers. The band seem to have stopped updating their Facebook page in spring 2018 so your guess is as good as mine as to what they're up to now.
Laulia are an indie rock act. 'Burning Out' aims to be anthemic but fails to set the heather on fire whilst 'Machines' is a softer prospect the likes of which you've heard many times before. The band at least have their own site but no gigs past spring this year it seems.
Safe To Swim have a bit of Wavves' sound about them. 'Make Things Like They Used To Be' moves along at a good pace and is generally fun but, if that's the best they have then it's still not much. 'Friends' is not as good as the A side. Facebook shows the band had a new track released last week.
Food this time around comes in the shape of Mystic Peach. 'Across The Pond' gets a bit muscular and they can growl a bit as well as sing but there's no real hook in this shoegaze/brit-pop/'psych' melange. 'Normal' is a more dramatic song but again it kind of washes over me. The band are still promoting 'Across The Pond' and have been quiet on Facebook for about a month.
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