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Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160808

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For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Cessna Deathwish – 'Jensen'

Kicking things off this week are Brighton's Cessna Deathwish and their most recent single 'Jensen'. Propulsive and somewhat brooding, it rumbles towards its conclusion with quiet determination and a sense of understated menace. Entrenched more in the college rock of the States rather than the British indie-pop of their home-town, their emotionally-charged transatlantic-indie is a breath of fresh air.


The Claremonts – 'You're Not There'

Manchester's most promising indie-upstarts The Claremonts are rapidly making a name for themselves thanks to their anarchic live shows and frenetic garage pop. Latest track 'You're Not There' is built around clattering percussion buzzsaw guitars that culminate in a quick-fingered solo. Definitely a band that are going places.


Graces – 'Amber'

A band that some might be familiar with, Graces have shared stages with the likes of Funeral For A Friend and The Xcerts before finding a new sound and vision at the tail end of last year. Taken from the first EP since their change in direction 'Amber' is encompassing and massively pretty; rich walls of noise, more comforting than cloying, form a warm palette on which subtle vocals are delicately layered. Gorgeous.


Small Victories – 'House Not A Home'

Featuring a former member of IC1s it goes without saying that Small Victories are a band worth paying attention to. 'House Not A Home' is the band's most recent track and is built around a rolling drum beat and perfectly matched clean guitars, creating both a sense of space and constant forward momentum.


DECO – 'Apollo'

Notts/London-based DECO are a band that may need no introduction. Bridging the gap between indie and electro, the four-piece peddle both floor-fillers and more delicate pop. 'Apollo' is the band's most recent track, successfully balancing the two; one part straight up banger, one part emotionally delicate. Either way, it's as uplifting as tracks come, making it easy to see why DECO are one of the UK's fastest rising acts.


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