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Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160926

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For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Bayonet – 'Weekend'

Kicking things off this week is the latest single from Sheffield indie-poppers Bayonet. While its upbeat guitars might be familiar to those who know the band already, 'Weekend' feels like a step in a more confident direction. Harbouring a definite sense of purpose behind its frenetic percussion and rolling bass, it's the sound of Bayonet stepping things up a gear.


False Heads – 'Weigh In'

Rapidly making a name for themselves thanks to their own brand of scuzzy garage rock, East London's False Heads can count both Iggy Pop and Gary Powell as supporters. 'Weigh In' is the band's most recent single, and fittingly seems them piling on the weight and riffs for arguably their heaviest  track to date. Foregoing the snot-pop of previous releases in favour of something with a little more bite.


Furr – 'Padlocks'

From London to Leeds, 'Padlocks' is the latest single from West Yorkshire's Furr and conversely sees the band in a somewhat poppier light than their previous single 'Think Sharp Kid'. That said, far from leaving behind the QOTSA vibe that track favoured, it marries it effortlessly with a bombast similar to that of early Killers and even U2. A band to keep your eye on.


Marsicans – 'Absence'

Staying in Leeds but heading in a much poppier direction, the latest cut from tropi-pop four-piece Marsicans sees rich swells of synth and guitar combine to create a bed of melody for vocalist James' heartfelt lyricis. Upbeat and ultimately irresistible, the band are currently on tour in support of their new EP and should definitely be checked out live.


Glue – 'Badlands'

Grungy and glitchy, East London trio Glue craft off-kilter and anarchic alt-pop that's entrenched in punk sensibility, but not afraid to show a melodic and even at times, anthemic side. Taken from their Balloon EP, 'Badlands' is the band at their most chaotic. Falling somewhere in between The Clash and The Libertines at their shambolic greatest, its woozy shanty-like chorus will be rattling round your head for weeks.



Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160523

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For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Bayonet – 'Everything'

Released last Friday, the latest single from Sheffield four-piece Bayonet is an upbeat and punchy slice of tropi-pop. Relentless percussion is offset by sleek and swimmy guitar licks; the propulsive stop-start instrumentation adding to the track's frenetic nature. With a clear ear for both a hook and melody, Bayonet are going places.

Painted Waves – 'The Central Souls'

Hailing from Glasgow, Painted Waves embody a quintessentially Scottish brand of atmospheric indie. Latest single 'The Central Souls' is rich in both jangles and nostalgia, while its backing harmonies are the perfect accompaniment to the timbre of the lead vocal.

DECO – 'Turn Around'

Subscribing to a similar brand of swimmy indie-pop to Bayonet, London/Notts-based DECO have already made quite a name for themselves. The band's most recent single 'Turn Around' is built around button-bright synths and falsetto vocal harmonies, drawing comparisons to the likes of Two Door Cinema Club or Jaws. Having already earned favour at the likes of Radio 1, we can expect to hear a lot more from DECO soon.

Dharma Wild – 'Woodsmoke'

Dharma Wild first caught my attention after the band handed me their demo outside a gig. 'Woodsmoke' was the only track on it, but that's all that was needed. Steeped in nuance, it's a track both delicate and imposing. Rich swells of brass colour huge open swathes of instrumentation, creating an almost bucolic brand of post-rock that's certain to take them places.

Visitors – 'Save Me'

Though a grunge band at heart, Liverpool's Visitors manage to retain their Scouse heritage while making more noise than most of the city's indie bands. 'Save Me' is an explosion of guitars and clattering percussion while its strong, impassioned vocal never feels lost among the instrumentation. Somewhat of a breath of fresh air amongst a scene stifled by ten-a-penny indie bands, Visitors feel like one of Liverpool's most vital bands.


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