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Comeback Kid Cover Midnight Oil

I’m not sure this works. In fact, I’m sure it doesn’t, but a hardcore cover of ‘Beds Are Burning’ has to be worth at least one listen. Comeback Kid’s version of Midnight Oil’s biggest hit suffers from removing the song from its original context; the theft of land from Australia’s aboriginal people. You could charitably imagine that they are singing about the continuing plight of Canada’s First Peoples, but the biggest issue with this cover is that Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett has an individual, expressive voice, while Comeback Kid vocalist, Andrew Neufeld, sings the one note throughout.

Canada's finest hardcore/punk outfit, Comeback Kid, have released a two track single, ‘Beds Are Burning’. The single will include the band's cover of the Midnight Oil classic as well as the previously unreleased song, 'Little Soldier', which came together during the Outsider sessions.

Vocalist Andrew Neufeld explains how the cover came about: “We recorded the 'Beds Are Burning' cover on a whim, while recording our last record. I saw the video at a bar and it got me inspired to text and try to convince the band into doing it. It went over well so here we are with a new cover and another new song called 'Little Soldier' which I thought might have more legs if we released it as a single as opposed to a track nine on a full length. It’s a bit of a different vibe for Comeback Kid and a song that I had a lot of fun writing. Our label is putting it out digitally and we pressed the 7 inches so for the first time CBK have been pressing our own music. Limited to 500 copies and only selling live and maybe through a couple of friends. We‘re playing it by ear if we will press more. This was a fun collaborative project”.

COMEBACK KID will be hitting UK shores on the following dates:

26.05. UK Leeds - Slam Dunk Festival North

27.05. UK Hatfield - Slam Dunk Festival South

28.05. UK Birmingham - Slam Dunk Festival Midlands




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