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Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160725

  • Written by  Dave Beech


For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Cellars – 'Night Until Noon'

Opening proceedings this week is the majestically meandering latest single from London's Cellars. A melodic and somewhat psychedelic foray that feels more brooding the band's previous singles, it snakes its way towards its conclusion; an almost androgynous vocal draped lazily across the nuanced instrumentation.


Surge – 'Lemonade'

Harbouring the indie oikishness of '00s bands such as The Libertines while providing it with a distinctly contemporary twist, Essex's Surge are a band who possess charm and swagger in equal measure. The band's latest single 'Lemonade' is as infectious slice of summery jangle-pop you're likely to here this week and is the perfect accompaniment to the current weather.

Tibican – 'Your Kisses Work'

Taking the driving indie of bands such as Wolf Alice and combining with a heavier emphasis on shoegaze, the latest single from London's Tibican is a hazy and uplifting track built around a rolling bassline and euphoric walls of noise. Not only is it a straight up anthem, it's a charity release with all proceeds going to three Lupas charities, as if you even needed an excuse to buy it.


GANA – 'Vitamin D'

Yet another band from the capital, GANA are a four-piece that make wonky and off-kilter pop music. 'Vitamin D' is the band's first official single, released by 25 Hour Convenience Store it's a perfect introduction to the bands warped riffs and chaotic vocals. Weird it may be. But then it wouldn't be GANA if it wasn't.


Second Hand Guns – 'Light Brigade'

The only band not from the south of England this week, Manchester's Second Hand Guns make straight up decade-spanning rock and roll. Latest cut 'Light Brigade' is a frenetic and biting affair, built around driving percussion and a snarling vocal delivery, it's easy to see why people are  excited about them.


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