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Kayla Painter unveils new track and video Featured

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Kayla Painter has unveiled a brand new track and video.

Featuring her trademark sporadic drum programming and deep surging bass lines, ‘Drones’ is the latest track to surface from the emerging Bristol-based producer.

"I wanted to create sounds which convey a sense of beauty but also touch on the mechanics of something underneath the beauty," says Kayla. "This fitted really well into the concept of the synthetic appearing to be a perfect and graceful whilst underneath having more complex workings."

The accompanying film for 'Drones' marks Kayla’s directorial debut. Born of a fascination with post-Humanism, she was inspired by recent developments in technologies like virtual reality and 3D printing and how these have been portrayed in popular culture: films such as Ex-Machina, the Channel 4 series Humans and Michael Fassbender's memorable performance as David in Prometheus.

She said: “I wanted to work with a dancer because I wanted to use someone that could push their bodies to extremes which ordinary people aren't able to do. I was interested in playing with the limitations of the body, and showing someone exceed limitations through specific training of the body.

"Flavien Esmieu seemed like the perfect person to explore this with, not only is he a ballet dancer but he has been dancing since he was four years old.  Over months of emailing, watching and exchanging clips he choreographed a dance which fitted the story I had been building of a synthetic in a factory-type setting."

You can check out the video for 'Drones' below:

Live Dates:

22-26 June - Glastonbury Festival, Somerset

29+30 July - Farmfest, Somerset

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