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The Atom Age - Cry 'Til You Die


Since first finding out about The Atom Age, two or three albums ago, they've ably filled the vacuum left by Rocket From The Crypt ceasing to exist (albeit they're a going concern again). Slightly less manic maybe but deploying a similar sonic template.

Cry 'Til You Die is the band's fourth album although, at only apparently 25 minutes long, the ten songs are maybe better classed as a mini-album. Either way the trademark sleazy '50s/'60s garage and jazz hybrid the sextet purvey is effectively put across & the pacing manages to somehow seemingly stretch things to greater length (i.e. there are no plodders but nor are there any real short sharp shocks).

No matter though as the sax/Farfisa combination is as successfully deployed throughout the record as fans have come to expect and such rockers as 'When I Crawl Back In' are guaranteed to have you up on your feet wherever you first hear them and no doubt will be whipping crowds into a frenzy on the dates of the inevitable promotional tour(s).

The album starts off a bit funkily (for the first few seconds) with 'Love Is A Numbers Game' but is soon into its stride and you know things can only get better the deeper in you get. 'We Disappear In The Night' pounds along for its two minutes worth and the tone is properly set from that point onwards. The cover alone is worth the purchase & oh yeah - it's also on pink vinyl ... 

The Atom Age have all the attitude & hooks to rejuvenate your flagging interest in the primal powers of rock 'n' roll so why not open up and let 'em in? They've inspired me to write my first album review for months - imagine how accepting them could turn your life around!

Cry 'Til You Die can be obtained here.   

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